Gardening advocated to boost health

Gardening is a popular activity in Australia and is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy the abundant sunshine enjoyed in the country. Not only does it offer the opportunity to grow verdant foliage, but also as it turns out; it is the perfect way to boost health.

Gardening makes people move around whether they need to twist, bend, stretch or lift heavy items – working almost every muscle in the body from big to small. Why head to a gym when you can get a good work out from raking leaves, pulling out weeds or digging holes in the soil?

High levels of the stress hormone can increase the risk of mental illnesses and depression while lowering life expectancy. Gardening has been known to reduce stress and make people feel calm. This basic hobby can take away stress almost instantly and increase life expectancy within a short span of time.

Gardening can also keep the brain active and youthful. This activity uses several repeated actions, whether a person is digging a hole, weeding, planting and pruning. Utilising these repeatable actions will calm the brain while ensuring it remains active. As a way to unplug from the stresses of daily life, gardening soothes people’s senses and helps them enjoy the benefits of nature.

People who grow their own herb and vegetable gardens will enjoy the freshest produce without worrying about the toxic effects of pesticides and preservatives. Growing this produce in the garden is a good way to enjoy fresh smells and wonderful food tastes.

People who garden are also exposed to Vitamin D from the sun, thereby reducing the complications that can arise from lack of the vitamin. Vitamin D adds calcium to the body, which is good for strengthening bones.

Families can enjoy spending time together through gardening. It gets kids off computers and electronics and can be a good way to teach children the simple pleasures of wildlife and nature.

Another overlooked benefit of gardening is the social aspect that comes along with it. People who spend time in their front or back yards are likely to encounter neighbours who are doing the same. Neighbours get to share advice and have conversations about their gardens or anything else to do with the community.

Even if people don’t have their own gardens in towns and cities, there is always the opportunity to check whether any resources are available like community gardens, government parks and reserves.

Ultimately, gardening brings with it a range of benefits – for the mind, body and soul. This relaxing activity can change people’s lives for the better, so it is well worth experiencing to boost their health in the long haul.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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