Pakistan: overnight avalanche kills 62 in Kashmir village

A series of avalanches and landslides took the lives of 62 people and left more missing in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. The incidents occurred over the past three days.

The situation is particularly worse for the residents of the battered Neelum Valley with most of them cut off from help. According to BBC’s report, the current death toll is one of the highest recorded in recent history. The area is known for being prone to natural disasters.

One child was killed in the area after an avalanche struck three dozen children on their way to school last Monday. Officials say the three others were injured.

“People were screaming and calling for help,’’ Asif Iqbal, a teacher from the school told The New York Times.

He continued, “A schoolgirl from my school was buried alive under one avalanche, and we could only hear her calling for us to save her.”

Dozens died in separate events in other areas of Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan, all of which are caused by the harsh weather.

Pakistani Kashmir was hit the hardest according to reports from the country’s National Disaster Management Authority. While most areas have seen improved weather since Tuesday, badly affected areas remain cut off.

In the country’s province of Balochistan, authorities recorded a death toll of 20 which includes 12 women and seven children. Local media reports that eight others died in Indian-administered Kashmir and Jammu.

Respondents are risking their own lives in dangerous rescue operations that are currently underway as victims await their aid.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
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