Online food delivery app; branding faux pas

Do you know the worth of app branding?

Well, there are many aspects, that accentuate the successful marketing for online food delivery app. But you need to be extra careful while picking the best for your concept.

As we all know the hard times of Pandemic has triggered the value of online presence, and now more and more number of businesses are embracing it.

Therefore, you need to put your best foot forward to gain recognition in the market, and here nothing can help you but efficient branding.

Online food delivery- a service to vouch for

Amid the COVID-19 threat, it is very hard for the tenants, people living away from their families, or some emergency laden situations, to manage their food. However, there are multiple safe online food delivery portals that are really helping in evade this situation. With just a click on the smartphones, food can be ordered and reach to the doorstep. This helps the users to get the food, without moving out and break the community spread of the virus.

Why is it important to consider app branding?

A very well-thought question! You must know that there are many mobile apps that are making entry into their respective stores every passing minute. Here unless your app is standing tall and firm, it can never survive the competition.

App branding- a quick overview

It is a process which allows the users to stay glued to your services through the small window of their Smartphone. It further helps in spreading the melodious tone of your business through the app platform. This method has the maximum power in its reach to attain the attention of your targeted audience.

However this process can go all wrong if you fail to integrate some precautionary measures while considering app branding for your app.

Did I cause you depression?

Don’t grow panic, just keep reading further…

I know I just made you taste the bitterness and you must be thinking that what am I even referring to???

But believe me I am not going to misguide or mislead you. But what am trying most is to help you keep in tracks with the need of the hour.

So you can end up getting a successful mobile app solution with a perfect app branding process.

In this post am going to address some of the most significant app branding factors mistakes which you must avoid to get a seamless app branding experience for your mobile app.

I know you know your business better than anybody else! But that does not mean that you would not take a look at the app branding strategies. If you fail to sync branding strategies with your app’s genre, would only make you lose your mobile app. 

Mistake #1- Giving a confusing drink to your users

App marketing is a vast platform and it is tackled with the different types of strategies. But trust me you need to cross-check each and every strategy much before it comes into real action.

There are multiple ways to carry out app branding, but at times the creativity cloud floating over the app branding, bursts with the number of complexities. That only results in oozing out the number of confusions from the users’ ends.

Solution– Your app branding story must be succinct and must speak the real story of your app’s genre and it must not talk haywire about the different concept.

Make sure if your app is about fashion, then your app branding must cover the distinct features of fashion only. And there must not be involvement of any other aspect.

This is the way that can help you not to confuse your users and they will be sure of what are they getting. 

Mistake #2- Making the app Branding Story complex enough

The language, the content and every other thing which completes the app branding process, must be clean and simple enough. This allows the users not to get indulged into a range of tutorials to understand the mystery of your app branding story.

Solution– Your app branding story must clearly indicate what exactly it is all about, and how it tries to reflect the app’s genre. Here you must ensure that your app branding story is self-explanatory. And it shows the readers and users the number of solutions you are picking up with your mobile app.

As I said above, make sure your app branding story is simple and comprehensive enough to help the users to understand the app concept very well. Also, the language is exactly fitting the needs of the users and their choices as well.

Mistake #3- Making it a separate product

It has been observed that a very few of the mobile app development companies are able to craft a perfect app branding story . And such stories blend well with the app concept, and that turns out to be an added version of their excellence.

An app branding story, that sounds and acts differently, is nothing but a waste of time and efforts. And trust me no matter what all pomp & show you would include, it will never gain success.

Solution– You need to remember that your mobile app is just an extended identity f your existing business. And unless you carry it further with your mobile app concept, it can never help your mobile app through any reasons.

Pick something which describes your business well, and keeps it as an identifier for your mobile app’s branding story as well.

Mistake #4- Adding every essential in one go

It is a very common issue, that is sadly practiced by many of the top brands as well. They try to integrate everything in one-go, to give users every distinct quality of the app. But what they fail to understand is that it needs to be a slow process. As users love to unfold the mystery of your brand gradually. Giving them a full dose in one go, will only disturb the flow.

Solution- You need to be very intelligent, while picking the voice of your brand. And you must ensure to keep it as simple as possible. Try to cover one thing at a time, for instance, Tinder despite being a dating app, changed its branding. And now its new brand image suggests, “adulting can wait,” that does not mean that tinder is no more a dating app. But Tinder has opened another aspect of its characteristic.

Mistake #5- Picking a random marketer

Yes, this is one is the most significant aspects, and must be considered carefully. There are many marketers available in the market, and just to cut the cost to some extent, we pick marketers who charge less. But what we fail to understand here, is their lack of experience and exposure that can ruin the app fully.

Solution- Go for the tried and tested formula. Don’t pick anyone with a random approach, but ensure to select a marketer on the basis of skills not the cost it charges.

Food for thought

As you proceed further with the mobile app branding process you would realize that unless your mobile app features and the functionalities are matching the standard. They can never help your mobile app in anyway. App branding is the soul of your online food delivery app, carve it with immense love and care.

Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh is an ambitious entrepreneur who has set a remarkable difference in the app development turf, with his innovative ideology and creative spark. Apart from having a knack of technical advancements, he also has a taste writing and loves to share technical tips happening in the tech industry.
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