Why you need to go to Officeworks for these products

The average consumer is probably unaware as to just how comprehensive Officeworks’ product range is.

Not only does Officeworks offer unparalleled service and quality in providing basic stationery, education resources and workplace supplies, but they have significantly expanded their product range to embrace the wave of technological change.

So, if you are in need of some more workplace supplies or something a little more specific or innovative, here are several products that you should only ever get from Officeworks.

Exercise books

Photo: danielam, Pixabay

As the university or school semester fast approaches, the time comes for you to start thinking about exercise books. Thankfully, Office Works offers arguably the most comprehensive range of exercise books available at a reasonable price too. You can opt for a premium 96 page exercise book for barely more than a dollar or a slightly larger binder book if you like using binders for organisational purposes.

If you like to be a bit more creative or independent, there are plenty of exercise books with artistic covers, filled with various colours and patterns. Whilst they are slightly more expensive, it’s hard to find such a unique and extended range at any other large-scale store.


Don’t you just hate it when you lose something and you haven’t laminated it? If you’re lucky enough to finally find the item again, like a document or a photo, there is a good chance it is already all scuffed up and torn.

However, laminating your items is crucial in preserving really important documents and treasured photos. From a business perspective, this is really important, as filing documents in poor condition looks very unprofessional and can mean that the documents become untenable.

Design your own ergonomic furniture

What differentiates Office Works from the rest of the market is the fact that they offer customers tailored and personalised furniture products. For example, consumers can customise their chosen products, like chairs, desk accessories and other workplace accessories.


You can choose from a wide range of workplace chairs on the online catalogue and begin customising. You can change the colour of your backrest and/or seat cushion and the overall of the style. You can even change the base style (e.g. alloy, high rise nylon or even chrome) to suit your specific needs and wants. Quite simply, you can’t get more personalised services and products than that.


Like chairs, you can similarly customise your chosen desk from Office Works. Starting from $249, you can organise to have a desk designed in accordance to your specific needs and wants. Indeed, you can tailor the desk’s shape, size, top face (colourings and style) and overall frame.


Not only can you design your own ergonomic furniture, you can organise for the “Assemble-it” team to construct and build your furniture for you. Long gone are the days of slow, cumbersome furniture building. For just a small fee, the team will arrange for a furniture specialist to visit your workplace or home to turn your flat pack into a fully-functioning desk or chair in no time!


Office works Side view of a conventional printer
A standard printer. Photo: andreas160578, Pixabay

Officeworks also boasts a comprehensive range of printers, including but not limited to the best brands on the market – Canon, HP and more. You can purchase inkjet printers, laser printers, A3 printers and even 3D printers, meaning you are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to your printing needs.

Furthermore, Officeworks boasts such a large and varied selection of printers that your price range or budget is basically incidental. Indeed, you can purchase a mid-range printer that will be able to fulfil most workplace needs for less than $100. However, if you have the money for it or need something a little more substantial, there are plenty of high-range printers that will easily fulfil your printing requirements!


Likewise, if you are in need of a shredder, Officeworks can definitely meet your needs. When running a business, there is often a lot of excess paperwork and confidential information that needs to be destroyed following a set time period. In this scenario, a shredder is one of the most efficient ways of destroying highly sensitive information in a manner that protects your business from identity theft or fraud. You can even buy shredder oils to ensure that your shredder is operating at its absolute best.

Fax machines

Officeworks - A regular fax machine
Fax machines are still used in most offices. Photo: TeroVesalainen, Pixabay

Even with the growth of internet services in exchanging sensitive information, it is still recommended that businesses operate with a fax machine. Fax machines have significantly fallen in price in the 21st century, primarily because of such intense competition from other forms of communication (online services). Because of this, however, it’s really easy to swing by Officeworks and pick out a nifty fax machine for only a few hundred dollars.


Office works
Digital cameraman, equipped with tripod. Photo: pixel2013, Pixabay

If you’re in the market for a new digital camera, you simply can’t miss Officeworks. When it comes to photography, they simply have the most expansive and consistent range of digital cameras, digital video cameras and camera accessories to ensure that your photography needs are well and truly met. Whether you’re on a budget or not, the price range available is extensive and will suit anyone’s needs and wants.

Moreover, if you’re travelling or need a safe place to store your camera, you’ll definitely need a camera bag that can safely protect and store your equipment. Likewise, if you take your photography seriously, you’ll certainly want additional camera equipment to ensure you’re able to take the perfect snapshot. Taking photos off a cliff face, overlooking the ocean and the horizon won’t have the same visual effect if you don’t have a tripod. Thankfully, Officeworks has everything and anything you will ever need when it comes to photography and cameras.

Label makers and tapes

We all lose things sometimes, whether it’s at home, in the workplace or at school/university. Labelling your items with a label maker is a really effective and clear method of labelling your items. Thankfully, Officeworks has plenty of different label makers and tapes stocked. It doesn’t matter if you need simple labels for your items (like for exercise books and textbooks) or more comprehensive labels, where you need to be able to change the overall design of your tag, because Officeworks will have something for you.

Data storage devices

Several USB devices from Officeworks
USB devices continue to develop and innovate. Photo: EsaRiutta, Pixabay

In today’s society, you simply can’t operate without effective data management and storage devices. You can store, backup and organise all your crucial professional and/or personal data on hard drives, USB flash drives or memory cards/discs. Fortunately, Officeworks is well stocked in all of these devices.

USB flash drive

If you need access to important business information when you’re away from your desktop computer, like travelling overseas, then you’ll need a USB device so you can bring your important files with you. The development of USB devices has been simply incredible, given that you can now carry an extensive amount of data and information in such a small device. These days, you can purchase a 128GB USB storage device for less than $50. That’s more than enough for important business documents and other information (maybe even a few movies on the side).

Portable hard drive

Depending on your line of work, there may be times when you need a data storage device that can store more data than your conventional USB device. Officeworks retails a wide variety of portable hard drive units, which generally store 1 to 3 TBs (terabytes) worth of storage. Moreover, they are incredibly light, easy to use and carry round when travelling for work.

Headphones and headsets

Headphones and headsets can be incredibly expensive, particularly the more opulent and well-established brands, like Beats and Sony. Officeworks actually supplies quite a wide range of headphones and headsets, which may be crucial in your line of work. Indeed, if you are in customer service, work for a call centre or are constantly making video calls or conference calls for your work, then you’ll want a high-quality headset. There is no point buying a cheap and nasty pair of headphones for less than $10, because they’ll probably break or become unusable after a few months. Instead, consider investing in a more durable pair of headphones, which you’ll definitely be able to find at Officeworks!

Educational tools

In addition, Officeworks just doesn’t supply basic stationery equipment for students and corporate workers. In fact, they boast an incredibly wide range of teaching resources, in the form of literacy and numeracy workbooks (particularly aimed at primary school children), dictionaries, flash cards (to assist students with revising for exams) and merit stickers/awards to reward students that work hard in the classroom.

However, learning doesn’t just have to be about tests, exercises and studying. This is something that Officeworks recognises and, as a result, provides customers with literacy and numeracy puzzles/games, tailored for younger school children. A child’s education shouldn’t be boring all the time and there are certainly ways that teachers can make it a far more enjoyable and creative experience!

Artistic and creative products

Finally, Officeworks is well equipped in supplying students, teachers and general consumers with high-quality art resources. If you are someone who is particularly interested in creative endeavours, like painting or drawing, then check out their online catalogue or your local store/warehouse. You’ll find things like easels, sketching markers, sketching pencils and various canvas types. It’s easy to get bogged down in the amazing tech at your local store, but don’t forget about all the high-quality art resources at your disposal next time you’re out shopping.

So, if you’re even on the lookout for some of these items, make sure you check out the extensive range and impeccable service at your local Officeworks outlet. There is a lot of competition in the market; however, Officeworks will not let you down.

Officeworks opening hours

Officeworks is usually open from Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm and on the weekends from 9am to 6pm.

Opening hours*:
Day: Time:
Monday 7am – 9pm
Tuesday 7am – 9pm
Wednesday 7am – 9pm
Thursday 7am – 9pm
Friday 7am – 9pm
Saturday 8am – 7pm
Sunday 9am – 7pm

*some of the stores could be open at different times.

Officeworks – find your location near you

Officeworks is Australia’s leading retailer and supplier of office products and it has over 150 stores:

New South Wales – Stores located near you:

Store: Address: Suburb: Phone:
Albury 423 Smollett Street Albury (02) 6051 1700
Alexandria 91 O’Riordan Street Alexandria (02) 9381 9600
Auburn 298 – 300 Paramatta Rd Auburn (02) 9647 8200
Bathurst Shop 3, 14 Stockland Drive Bathurst (02) 6339 9500
Blacktown 22 – 26 Third Avenue Blacktown (02) 8884 3200
Bondi Junction 14 – 26 Ebley Street Bondi (02) 8305 0200
Campbelltown 34 Queen Street Campbelltown (02) 4621 6700
Carlton 385 – 395 Princes Highway Carlton (02) 8558 3400
Castle Hill 16 Victoria Avenue Castle Hill (02) 9846 1300
Coffs Harbour T18 Homebase Centre Coffs Harbour (02) 6691 9700
Dee Why 800 Pittwater Road Dee Why (02) 9466 6100
Dubbo 10 Erskine Street Dubbo (02) 6883 4700
Fairy Meadow 145 Princes Highway Fairy Meadow (02) 4224 4500
Five Dock 213 Parramatta Road Five Dock (02) 9911 9400
Glebe 1 Ross Street Glebe (02) 8572 8300
Greenacre Lot 1, 51 Roberts Road Greenacre (02) 8732 2300
High St Penrith 273 High Street Penrith (02) 4720 4300
Hornsby 108 – 114 George Street Hornsby (02) 9472 5500
Hoxton Park 2 Lyn Parade Hoxton Park (02) 9426 6000
Kotara 35 Northcott Drive Kotara (02) 4956 0700
Lewisham 163 – 181 New Canterbury Rd Lewisham (02) 9367 9400
Lismore 250 Molesworth Street Lismore (02) 6623 4300
Liverpool 24 – 26 Orange Grove Road Liverpool (02) 9612 5300
Mona Vale 47 – 51 Barrenjoey Road Mona Vale (02) 9998 4300
Newcastle West Cnr Parry & National Park St Newcastle West (02) 4925 9700
Northmead 2 Windsor Road Northmead (02) 8839 8900
North Ryde 37 Epping Road North Ryde (02) 9878 9400
Nowra 1 Haigh Avenue Nowra (02) 4428 9800
Old Guildford 702 Woodville Road Old Guildford (02) 9724 8100
Orange 179-181 Byng Street Orange (02) 6361 5100
Port Macquarie Tenancy 3, 12-24 Short Street Port Macquarie (02) 6582 9500
Rutherford 13 Racecourse Road Rutherford (02) 4015 5100
Taren Point 96 – 98 Taren Point Road Taren Point (02) 8543 3100
Wagga Wagga T8 & 9 Homebase Centre, 7-23 Wagga Wagga (02) 6923 7600
Warners Bay 240-260 Hillsborough Road Warners Bay (02) 4014 9400
Wentworthville 323 Great Western Hwy Wentworthville (02) 8839 7000
West Gosford 28 Central Coast Highway West Gosford (02) 4336 2100
West Ryde Shop 1, 927 Victoria Road West Ryde (02) 8878 1600

Australian Capital Territory – stores:

Store: Address: Suburb: Phone:
Belconnen 5 Cohen Street Belconnen (02) 6264 7600
Fyshwick 1 Whyalla Street Fyshwick (02) 6131 9200
Tuggeranong 215 Scollay Street Greenway (02) 6124 8600


Queensland- shops nearest you:

Store: Address: Suburb: Phone:
Aspley 1430 – 1434 Gympie Road Aspley (07) 3863 5400
Browns Plains 28 Browns Plains Road Browns Plains (07) 3809 6400
Cairns 1 – 15 Water Street Cairns (07) 4052 9400
Capalaba 92 Redland Bay Road Capalaba (07) 3823 6100
Hermit Park 44 – 52 Charters Towers Road Hermit Park (07) 4726 6700
Hervey Bay 44 Torquay Road Hervey Bay (07) 4197 9500
Ipswich Shop BG6 Riverlink S/C Cnr Ipswich (07) 3810 0900
Loganholme 1 Bryants Road Loganholme (07) 3805 0100
Mackay 11 Milton Street Mackay (07) 4961 8700
Maroochydore 66 Dalton Drive Maroochydore (07) 5475 5300
Milton 147 Milton Road Milton (07) 3512 7600
Morayfield 170 Morayfield Road Morayfield (07) 5428 4100
Nerang Lot 4, 2 Page Court Highland Park (07) 5503 8200
Oxley 2247 Ipswich Road Oxley (07) 3716 2600
Rockhampton 142 – 144 Kent Street Rockhampton (07) 4921 7800
Rothwell 5, 746-763 Deception Bay Road Rothwell (07) 3293 5300
Southport 59 Nerang Street Southport (07) 5591 0600
Strathpine 130-134 Gympie Road Strathpine (07) 3480 0700
Toowoomba 175 – 179 Hume Street Toowoomba (07) 4699 5300
Underwood The Zone 183 Kingston Road Underwood (07) 3809 5600
Upper Mount Gravatt 2049 Logan Road Mt Gravatt (07) 3452 6200
West Burleigh 50 Kortum Drive West Burleigh (07) 5508 0600
Windsor 270 Lutwyche Road Windsor (07) 3637 4400
Woolloongabba 164 – 176 Ipswich Road Woolloongabba (07) 3896 2300


Victoria – shops nearest you:

Store: Address: Suburb: Phone:
Airport West Louis St & Dromana Ave Airport West (03) 8318 5600
Altona North 330 Millers Rd Altona North (03) 9392 6600
Ascot Vale 62 Mt Alexander Road Ascot Vale (03) 9371 0800
Ballarat 116 Creswick Road Ballarat (03) 5320 1400
Bayswater 189 Canterbury Rd Bayswater (03) 8720 4800
Bendigo 297-305 Hargreaves Mall Bendigo (03) 5434 4600
Box Hill South 263 Middleborough Road Box Hill South (03) 9895 6700
Bundoora 1101 – 1181 Plenty Rd Bundoora (03) 9466 5600
Campbellfield 1434 – 1468 Sydney Rd Campbellfield (03) 9358 4000
Carnegie 1048-1054 Princes Hwy Carnegie (03) 9593 7600
Caroline Springs Cnr Panamax Dr & Balla Caroline Springs (03) 9219 7200
Chadstone 699 Warrigal Road Chadstone (03) 9567 2700
Coburg Tenancy 1,64 Gaffney St Coburg (03) 9353 5400
Cranbourne Shop 11 Homemaker Ce Cranbourne (03) 5991 3200
Dandenong South Tenancy 5, Frankston Dandenong (03) 8788 7000
Doncaster 602 – 630 Doncaster Rd Doncaster (03) 9840 8500
Epping Epping Homemaker Cen Epping (03) 9401 0300
Ferntree Gully 802 Burwood Highway Ferntree Gully (03) 8756 4100
Fitzroy 230 Alexandra Parade Fitzroy (03) 9412 6700
Frankston 351 – 355 Nepean Hgw Frankston (03) 9784 3600
Geelong 150 Malop Street Geelong (03) 5223 8200
Glen Waverley 342 Springvale Road Glen Waverley (03) 8541 7200
Highett 1123 Nepean Highway Highett (03) 9556 6700
Keysborough 481-485 Cheltenham Rd Keysborough (03) 8769 1200
Kew East 790 High Street Kew East (03) 8851 4700
Maribyrnong 169 Rosamond Rd Maribyrnong (03) 9319 8400
Mildura 138 Deakin Avenue Mildura (03) 5022 5700
Mornington 1128–1132 Nepean Hgw Mornington (03) 5976 6100
Narre Warren 352 Princess Highway Narre Warren (03) 9704 4500
Nunawading 274 –278 Whitehorse Rd Nunawading (03) 8873 4700
Pakenham 825 Princes Highway Pakenham (03) 5943 3400
Preston 121 Bell Street Preston (03) 9287 8500
Richmond 566 Bridge Road Richmond (03) 9413 9500
Ringwood Pratt St & Maroondah Ringwood (03) 9871 6400
Russell St Melbourne 271 – 275 Russell St Melbourne (03) 8665 6400
Shepparton 278 High Street Shepparton (03) 5822 8700
South Melbourne Cnr Bank Street Sth Melbourne (03) 9693 7300
Taylors Lakes 2, 460 Melton Highway Taylors Lakes (03) 9361 5700
Traralgon 149-163 Argyle St Traralgon (03) 5177 5100
Vermont South 606 Burwood Highway Vermont South (03) 8805 1600
Waurn Ponds Tenancy 3, 217 Colac Rd Waurn Ponds (03) 5249 2300
Werribee 57 – 61 Synnot Street Werribee (03) 9742 0300
Yarraville 377 Williamstown Road Yarraville (03) 9933 7300


South Australia – shops nearest you:

Store: Address: Suburb: Phone:
Croydon 449 – 459 Port Road Croydon (08) 8245 5600
Elizabeth 1 Phillip Hwy Elizabeth (08) 8182 8100
Gilles Plains 621 North East Road Gilles Plains (08) 8369 9400
Parafield Precinct, Main Nth Rd Parafield (08) 8209 5800
Noarlunga 212 – 216 Beach Road Noarlunga (08) 8186 9500
Prospect 87 – 93 Main North Road Prospect (08) 8349 3200
Trinity Gardens 210 – 212 Port Rush Road Trinity Gardens (08) 8131 2200


Western Australia – stores nearest you:

Store: Address: Suburb: Phone:
Albany Tenancy A, 160 Albany Highway Albany (08) 9845 6300
Bunbury 42 Wittenoom Street Bunbury (08) 9792 1600
East Perth 52 – 62 Lord Street East Perth (08) 9218 0600
East Victoria Park 343 Shepperton Road E Victoria Park (08) 9473 2600
Jandakot Unit 20, 87 Armadale Road Jandakot (08) 9499 6100
Joondalup 15 Dwyer Turn Joondalup (08) 9301 8600
Mandurah Tenancy 6, 8 Magenta Terrace Mandurah (08) 9582 6700
Midland Midland Central, Cnr Lloyd Midland (08) 9374 7300
Morley Lot 6, 137 Russel Street Morley (08) 9375 4700
Osborne Park 425 Scarborough Beach Rd Osborne Park (08) 9441 0300


Tasmania – stores nearest you:

Store: Address: Suburb: Phone:
Hobart 99 – 103 Campbell Street Hobart (03) 6230 9400
Launceston Lot 8, 78 Lindsay St Invermay (03) 6331 0876


Old Officewords ads:

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Officeworks June (1998)


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