The many virtues & necessities of a reliable VPN

Anyone and everyone who is using the internet in 2022 should be considering a VPN as an essential tool in their day-to-day browsing habits. Also known as a Virtual Private Network, a VPN provides a wealth of benefits for users and organizations that choose to implement them as a standard.

While there are some inherent advantages and disadvantages to using a VPN, we would argue that the benefits far outweigh the risks in this day and age. Spamming and digital attacks are becoming sneakier and harder to detect on the best of days, having protection in some form or another is well worth the cost.

It’s not just a security boost that can be derived from a VPN, the conversation surrounding data privacy and ethics therein have also become quite commonplace in the zeitgeist. A trustworthy VPN network assists users in protecting their identity online, accessing geo-locked sites, avoiding throttling, and a whole lot more.

A decent VPN can be hard to find as each service will often offer their own incentives and discounts – this article will be going over the many virtues that a VPN can offer users and organizations that will make their digital lives secure, safe, and convenient.

First, what is a VPN?

It would be helpful to preface this article with a little description on what a Virtual Private Network actually is. Essentially, a VPN provides an encrypted tunnel or network that extends over a public network that allows data to be accessed and shared across said public network anonymously and securely. Devices that use a VPN can essentially use a public network as if it were a private one.

You may not think that having access to a private network is a viable method of protecting your online presence and digital life – let’s discuss that shall we?

The virtues of a VPN

Protecting your identity

These days, most people have a majority of their life in a digital form. From social media to asset collation and financial holdings. Companies are in a similar happenstance where paper trails have long been left behind and replaced with digital banks of personal and sensitive information.

All of this information is susceptible in the right circumstances – which is why data protection is so important. A VPN allows a little alleviation for users and companies who wish to keep their private information as such.

A virtuous characteristic of a reliable VPN is in its encryption rates and security measures which allow users to browse without fear of having personal information lifted to be used in negative ways.

Securing your network / control your data

Network security has been a hot button topic for some of the larger conglomerates of the world in recent years. With hackers and scammers becoming less complacent about navigating the muddied waters of network breaching. Even certain apps or websites can track your activity online and inundate you with an influx of pop ups and ads which in itself can be an annoyance.

Securing a network has never been easier as a Virtual Private Network allows users to navigate the net without fear of tracking programs or malware.

Access the world

Streaming has become the medium in which we consume a great majority of our entertainment, even programs have been relegated to a cloud-based landscape in terms of access and utility. The problem is a lot of these sites have implemented geo-locking into their back end which has made it difficult to access the world on the world wide web.

Enter your trusty virtuous VPN – these networks allow users to bypass these pesky locks and consume the entertainment and programming from wherever a digital server resides. Users of a VPN can typically select a country in which they wish to be projected to be, and voila, they have access to a whole different side of the internet.

A lot of sites are catered to specific locations or user bases which again, is where a VPN can bypass easily. Commonly used on streaming services like Amazon and Netflix – this benefit is one of the most cited as being the most important for casual VPN users.

No more throttling

Throttling of data or bandwidth is a common and annoying trick used by ISP (Internet Service Providers) to restrict access or speed for high-end internet users. Bandwidth throttling is especially annoying for companies and users who enjoy certain types of browsing that is determined as egregiously high by the Wi-Fi controller or ISP.

Some activity such as high intensity streaming for instance have been known to instigate bandwidth throttling automatically.

A VPN allows users and companies to bypass this and allow a smooth and consistent flow of internet connectivity thanks in no small part to the encrypting of traffic which does not allow ISPs to see the sites being visited.

Why everyone should have one

Now we get to the crux of the matter, why should users and companies consider the implementation of a trustworthy VPN?

If the above virtues did nothing to sway your opinion, then nothing will. The vital nature of keeping your data, your privacy, and your own interests safe and secure in an online setting is the foremost protection you have against bad actors and sticky beaks.

Data laws continue to be passed around the world that give more powers to large companies and governmental organizations who may not have your best interests at heart. Therefore, it would be extremely wise to bolster your security and online presence in whatever capacity you can.

VPNs are extraordinarily affordable for what you get in return, for the average internet user to large-scale companies – there really is no better choice to make than to implement a VPN.

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