11 reasons why startups need to hire react developers

Applications have evolved into a vital component of every company’s operations. As a result, entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly wary when selecting the right technology stack and hiring the right React developers for the job.

If you’re a non-technical startup or SME, learning to select the correct team for your technical duties can be a huge benefit. However, selecting the correct tech stack can be difficult with so many programming languages, libraries, and frameworks to choose from.

Many business owners used Angular as their go-to framework, but that is no longer the case now that React JS is shattering records. ReactJS is currently favoured above other frameworks because of its ability to provide better and faster performance. Hiring reactjs developers can assist in the development of a high-quality application.

Why is ReactJS important for development?

Facebook created React and used it on its newsfeed for the first time in 2011. ReactJS 17.0.2 is the most current version. It’s an MVC-based front-end development library for creating dynamic web page templates with many interactive features.

Businesses may use React to build interactive, intuitive, and engaging online and mobile apps. It delivers a quick and interactive user interface for websites and mobile apps. It allows programmers to design business-oriented web and mobile apps that are effective and dynamic. It can help you create a high-performing ReactJS app with minimal effort. It’s well-known for providing appealing and user-friendly solutions for businesses and small businesses.

Let’s take a look at the popularity of ReactJS with some statistics.

Statistics for ReactJS

Following are the stats showing the popularity of Reactjs.

  • According to Statista, ReactJS is the most used web framework among developers. 40.14%.
  • JS has overtaken JQuery as the most popular web framework.
  • According to StackOverflow trends, the questions regarding reactjs are on continuous growth.
  • React is used by 3.5% of all websites JavaScript 2.9% of all websites.
  • Currently, 10,806,023 live websites are using React.

Key reasons to hire React JS developers for startup

React developers

Because there are so many technologies on the market, it’s natural for a startup to have some reservations about using ReactJS as a front-end framework. Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, and The New York Times are just a few tech titans that use ReactJS components in their applications. Some of the reasons to hire reactjs engineers are as follows:

Developer’s availability

One of the most important elements to consider when selecting your company’s tech stack is the availability of developers who can own the process and assist you in creating the desired product. Therefore, it’s critical to assess existing resources and determine whether they’re willing and capable of working with the chosen tech stack. The code usability feature of ReactJS, for example, makes it simple for developers to reuse code. By reusing components, the react js corporation or developers can create more complex apps without comparing performance.

Quick MVP launch

When you need to get your project off the ground quickly, an MVP (minimum viable product) is the way to go. To cut down on the time you spend preparing in the market, and you might choose to start with ready-made solutions. Using well-documented technologies can make it much easier to add essential features to your product before it’s ready for market.

ReactJS can quickly launch an MVP without sacrificing the user experience or the website’s style and feel. Due to its modularity, it has an added advantage. The scalability of ReactJS is excellent. You can bootstrap your product by using the bare minimum of resources to create a functional single-page application like Facebook.

Cost-effective development & maintenance

The Tech Stack you choose for software product development directly impacts the cost of development and maintenance. The following are the most important factors to consider while hiring a developer:

The cost of hiring a developer is as follows:

When you hire Reactjs Developer team, make sure that the developers are knowledgeable about the technology. The price of hiring developers is determined by the technology they use.

Cost of upkeep:

Aside from development expenditures, it would be best to think about maintenance and upgrade costs. Therefore, it is preferable to adopt open source technologies because they are less expensive and more easily updated. Furthermore, react takes less time to construct an app compared to other libraries. It’s mostly because React uses boilerplates to help with code reuse, saving time and effort.

Enhanced performance

When developing a sophisticated high-load app, a company must specify the app’s structure from the start because it can affect the app’s overall performance. Simply put, the DOM is tree-structured, making it difficult to make even tiny changes at a higher level layer without having a substantial influence on your application’s user interface.

The Virtual DOM was created to address this problem. Virtual Dom is a DOM model that allows developers to test all modifications and assess risks associated with each change. This allows you to keep app performance high while still providing a better and more gratifying user experience. React is very simple to maintain and update. It can benefit you on both the client and server sides helping you save a significant amount of time and resources.

Develop rich user interface

The importance of a good user interface in any web application cannot be overstated. A poorly designed user interface is inconvenient to use and reduces the likelihood of an application’s success. React’s declarative components enable you to create high-quality and rich user interfaces, increasing your chances of creating applications with high-quality UI that users enjoy.

Facilitate custom components

The React JSX extension to JavaScript makes it easier to design components by supporting HTML quoting and simplifying subcomponent rendering.

It can also be handy for creating bespoke components or high-volume apps, as it makes converting HTML mockups to ReactElemtns trees much easier. The package also gives error messages and helpful warnings to react developers and assistance with code injections.

Offers unique abstraction layer

Another advantage of react for business is enabling a good abstraction layer. It means that the end-user won’t see the complicated internals. Developers only need to understand the fundamentals and not many internal functionalities. Furthermore, React JS does not impose any pre-defined architectural paradigms like MVP, MVC, or MVVM. You have complete freedom to create the architecture of your app in any way you want in the country.

Useful developer toolset

Hire startup developer

The Opportunity to learn any new technology and implement it in real life seems exciting if you can apply it in the development environment. This requires the library or stack you use to have the proper toolset for optimal performance.

ReactJS offers the advantage of all the debugging and design tools. ReactJS developer toolset is primarily a browser extension for both Firefox and Chrome. It allows front-end developers to observe various react component hierarchies and discover all the components.

Better code stability

React JS is notable for its unidirectional data flow, ensuring that changes or updates made to the child structure do not influence the parent structure. When a developer changes an object, the effect of this data flow may be seen in the results, as they need to edit its states and make appropriate amendments to update certain components. React’s unidirectional flow offers superior code stability and smooth application performance.

Easy migration

When migrating an old project to new technology, there are several migration problems to be aware of and prepared for. The code may need to be rewritten at some point. As a result, migration is often inconvenient and time-consuming. You can integrate your code into the existing infrastructure with react at any time. For moving your previous technology infrastructure, you might look into react development services from a react development business.

Active community support

The community for ReactJS is very active. Every day, man engineers work to react to the market’s greatest front-end app development framework. On Github, ReactJS has 182K stars and 37.2K forks, with more than 1539 contributors. There is also extensive documentation, react tutorials, blogs, articles, and videos available. As a result, you may learn everything when professionals are always willing to assist in the resolution of problems on various QA Platforms such as Quora, StackOverflow, and others. As a result, you can count on dependable results at any time.

Now that we have a better understanding of why a startup should hire reactjs developers. Let’s have a look at the recruiting checklist for React Developers.

Things to keep in mind while hiring React Developers

  • Should have required technical skills
  • Proficient in JavaScript & ECMA Scripts
  • Expert in Adjacent Technologies
  • Basic understanding of testing tools and frameworks
  • Well-Versed in JavaScript tools
  • Hands-on Experience using version control
  • In-depth knowledge of React Fundamentals
  • Manage React Workflows

Wrapping up!

Every startup wants to minimise the cost of application development to a minimum. You want your app to have an easy and engaging user interface in addition to boosting your customer base. Furthermore, administering two different iOS and Android developers apps might add to the budget’s strain. As a result, hiring a ReactJS Developer is a perfect alternative for startups, as it provides numerous benefits for producing a single codebase application.

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