Mobile app needs marketing but beware of the hazards

If we look at the Play Store or App Store in our phone, we will be amazed with the number of applications that we see. Also, the number keeps increasing on a constant basis. In fact, it is believed that the App Store/Play Store is going to get bigger and bigger.

Now, in the store, you will find various companies offering the same kind of services or products. Therefore, if one company has to make sure that their app performs better than the other, they would have to put in some extra efforts. This is where the role of mobile application marketing comes into play.

What do we mean by app marketing?

Mobile app marketing is the use of appropriate marketing tactics to increase the visibility of the app and to boost the traffic. App marketing comprises of a plenty of different techniques which are used to increase the reach of the application.

App marketing contains various ‘App Store Optimization’ techniques, including search engine optimization as well. App marketing is similar to any other form of marketing techniques, and the aim is also similar, to attract more leads and to convert more leads.

However, it is a proven fact that app store marketing should start soon. As, users are always looking for interesting applications therefore, it is always recommended to start marketing your app as soon as it enters the store. Now, when it comes to marketing, various other channels are also important, like promoting on social media, website etc.

But, at the end of the day your key focus area should be promotion of your app in the store. As per some of the reports, it is believed that 40% of smartphone users will search for the apps that we want on the mobile app store. Now, the question arises, how to make sure that your app appears on top of the searches? Well, the answer is simple; through App Store Optimization.

You have to use the appropriate keywords optimize the title, subtitle and description etc., to make sure that your app appears on the top. But, what to do if things don’t work out?

Let’s have a look at the key areas to be careful of while promoting the app:

    • Don’t go over the board with optimization – One of the key areas to focus while marketing the app is being careful with optimization. Make sure you optimize every bit of your application. Starting from the short description to the full description, each element of your app should be optimized properly. Make sure you use high performing keywords in your descriptions, as that is only going to help you to get higher on the search page. But, at the same time, mobile app stores have word limits also. At the same time, it is important to use the specified volume of keywords only.

    • Be careful with Marketing automation – Marketing automation is an important element of app marketing. Starting from using Link Texting to steer high traffic via web or desktop to the app download pages to directing potential leads to the app’s download page using exit pop-ups on a site. There are various ways of using automation to promote the app. However, automation corresponds to a cost. Therefore, make sure you have prepared a plan before using these automation techniques in order to get good ROI.

    • Are you aware of the mobile ad frauds? – Mobile app marketing is on a high, but at the same time, the risk associated with it is also increasing. Now a days, fraudsters are using various techniques to take undue advantage from your app marketing campaigns. Starting from clicks through bolts or fake downloads, there are various ways by which fraudsters are harming your app marketing campaign. Therefore, make sure that you are using the right tools to protect your campaigns from any type of fraud. These days, there are various security measures which have to be implemented to safeguard yourself from mobile ad fraud.

Mobile app marketing is important. But, at the same time, it is also important to use the right techniques for marketing. Also, in order to get high Rate of Investment, it is important to protect your campaigns from frauds.

Thus, only a comprehensive plan with detailed steps to protect your app marketing initiatives will help you make your app more visible. So, make sure that you invest proper amount of time and resources to ensure that your mobile app development company gets the maximum attention.

Rosina De Palma
Rosina De Palma
Business Development Executive and Professional Writter.
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