5 methods for getting better tiles & ceramics for your place

While today, most of us view tiles as merely one of the many flooring options for the moisture-prone areas in our homes, the fact of the matter is that their history dates back to ancient times. Before tiles were widely introduced for their practicality, they were present across cultures as something like an art form, still visible today on historic buildings in countries like Turkey, Morocco, Portugal, and so on. Even if your goal by introducing tiles to your place may be more utilitarian, it cannot be denied that the countless colors, materials and designs tiles come in make them not only versatile but, if implemented right, a very stylish choice that can completely transform your home. Presented with such a vast choice, steering clear of ending up with a tacky design might not be easy, though. Here are 5 tips that will help you not only choose the right tiles for your home and install them flawlessly but also to ensure they will always look their best and make a visual impact.

5 methods for getting better tiles & ceramics for your place

Pick the right aestheticFeet walking on better tiles and ceramics for a home.

Considering that tiles have a long history, it is not difficult to imagine just how many different styles there are to choose from. So, the first thing you have to determine is what kind of aesthetic you are going for. It would be a risky decision to pick tiles that are vastly different from the general interior style of your home, but decorating the entire home strictly in one style is restricting and overwhelming, so you need to find a balance and do a healthy amount of mixing. Ultimately, you should pick what you like. If you’re into art deco, for instance, you can add contrast with tiles with geometric designs. If you want a funky look, you can bring the 70’s in bold colors and patterns. For a subdued and classic look that won’t take the attention away from the rest of the design, go for simple metro tiles. Steer clear of using a busy pattern throughout; instead, break up the noise and use patterned tiles as an accent.

Consider the material well

Tiles are typically made from ceramic, but not 100% of the time. Therefore, you should consider the pros and cons of different materials before deciding what best fits your needs and lifestyle. First of all, ceramic tiles are a durable choice that can be as affordable or as expensive as you want. They are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms but can fit in anywhere. If you want a tad more upscale choice, porcelain is the way to go. It’s more durable than ceramic, with a heftier price tag, of course, but it has better water resistance. Porcelain tiles can also imitate the look of other materials so they can fit into any interior design. Next, glass tiles are an eye-catching choice that is used mostly for their visual effect. It has perfect stain resistance but it’s better used as an accent in small areas since cracking is a possibility. There are also different stone tile varieties. Other than flooring, both indoors and outdoors, they can also be a good choice for countertops. However, they can be expensive and their installation is also more complicated.

Install them right

Installation can make or break your design, so you should consider carefully whether you want to do it yourself or call in professionals. If you pick a more complicated pattern, you shouldn’t try to wing it. In addition, there are differences between indoor and outdoor tile installation so it’s better to ask professionals if you’re not sure. Moreover, it’s important to remember just what a huge role grout plays in the overall look of your tiled design. The grout color is important and can completely change its impression, but it should be considered from a practical point of view as well. Naturally, lighter colors will get stained more easily, so try to think wisely when it comes to high-traffic areas.

Cleaning and maintenanceBest tiles and ceramics placed in a home.

Naturally, you have to maintain your tiles for them to look their best. However, they might need more than an occasional sweep. If you have a lovely tile floor, though, you certainly don’t want to risk using a cleaning method that is not meant for the material. For instance, stone tiles can be sensitive to the chemicals in cleaners. As for porcelain tiles, you don’t have to worry too much, just make sure you remove stains with the appropriate stain remover. However, grout can be problematic. If you were smart during the installation, you will make your job somewhat easier. For instance, mosaic tiles can be an absolute nightmare to clean so they should only be placed in places where they won’t get dirty.

Using ceramic accents as decoration

Looking at gorgeous tiled architecture will certainly make you want to use tiles for more than just a floor or wall covering and adorn your home with eye-catching ceramic additions here and there. And the options for that are virtually endless. If you manage to pick up some vintage tiles at a flea market, you can incorporate them into your design as accents. You can even make your tiles, decorate them the way you want, and use them for multiple purposes. Adding other ceramic decorations to your space can also go well with your tiled design. Ceramic vases can be great at bringing warmth into a minimalistic design, while decorated plates can add elegance. You can scout the flea markets for unique pieces or shop from makers directly. Handmade pieces are always high in value and they also bring in personality.

Hopefully, the aforementioned tips not only inspired you to start your renovation project soon, but they also gave you a few ideas on how to use tiles for decoration and end up with a design that will wow your guests every time. Ceramics are as old as civilization itself, so if you pick quality pieces, you can rest assured that implementing ceramic elements in your home will result in a timeless look.

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