Meet Hollywood skincare guru J. Nicole Baca!

Jamie Nicole Baca, or “J. Nicole” — as she is known by many in the skincare industry, has worked hard over the past two decades to discover the secrets behind radiant skin. So, we sat down with the skincare celebrity to share her “secrets” with you.

With over twenty years in the beauty industry, J. Nicole Baca is being hailed as one of the ultimate celebrity skincare gurus, who, over the years has helped countless people with problem skin achieve that glowing complexion — something that is a must-have for Hollywood stars, especially during award season, as they hit the red carpet being watched by the millions around the world in HD!

The award-winning Hollywood beauty is in high demand after working with celebrities such as Beyoncé Knowles (and her mom), Supermodel Lydia Hearst, singer-songwriter Skylar Gray, Fashion designer Nikki Lund, and Savannah Jane Buffett, to name a few.

Just like her top-selling serum, “Overdose” — that is a multitude of ingredients, Baca is beauty, brains, and business all rolled into one — and that is just a few of her talents.

Overdose serum
“Overdose” – a multitude of ingredients designed to combat problem skin

Baca started as an “Eyelash Stylist” with her patterned “eyelash” product that saw Nicole scooping the prestigious “Nova Lash” national award for “Lash Artist of the Year.”

With the many strings to her bow, J. Nicole is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the competitive billion-dollar skincare industry. With her approach to beauty and the things you absolutely must do to achieve healthy and beautiful skin, Baca finally has people sitting up and listening.

So, let’s listen a little more. In our “hot seat” this week — J. Nicole Baca!

You’re very well-known in the industry. How and why did you choose a career in skincare?

I never chose skincare as a career. I began fixing my skin and other’s skin problems because the doctors I went to could never fit it. It became a way of life for me at a very young age. I battled with internal and external allergies that had severe effects on my skin, my health, and my quality of life. I was determined to find a cure for skin allergies. That drive and determination to fix skin conditions began when I was a child, and that drive continues to push me over 20 years later today.

You’re known for your knowledge of problem skin. Can you tell us a little bit about this? 

I specialize in bio-active skincare formulations and the effects that ingredients have on the skin. Incorporating my understanding of the skin and how skin cells are communicating reflects how I utilize the elements to provide fast and effective results without the surface reacting. I have been using these formula’s for over 25 years at my medical spa’s and treating others with similar skin issues as my own. I currently have three patent-pending technologies to treat skin allergies.

Speaking of products, can you explain the significant differences between predominantly natural skincare and skincare that uses a lot of chemicals? 

Natural has no legal definition according to the FDA, and the FDA also does not regulate the term “organic” There are no natural cosmetics, they are all chemically modified in some way. With that being said, any brand can say they are natural. Scientists did not create the Ingredient “blacklist” and “Clean” Certificates, and therefore there is a misunderstanding of how skin products work. If you take a close look at these ingredients on a blacklist, there are always “exceptions” to their own rule. It is just a marketing ploy. Everyone’s chemistry is different, and what works for one person may not work for another person, so that I would advise choosing an expert that understands the real science behind the brand.

Aside from products, what kinds of things should we add to our daily routine to achieve healthy, radiant skin? A lot of water, exercise, a healthy diet, and beauty sleep! 

J. Nicole Baca fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the competitive billion-dollar skincare industry
J. Nicole Baca is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the competitive billion-dollar skincare industry.

Conversely, what should we absolutely avoid ensuring healthy skin?

This should go without saying, your skin is a direct reflection of your health, and today we find ourselves multitasking more than ever before. It is hard to avoid certain habits because sometimes we are just too busy and we grab whatever is convenient; whether it is that 3rd cup of Starbucks, fast food, using your boyfriends bar soap in the shower instead of your cleanser, skipping the morning workout and doing the juice diet instead, life is hard sometimes, which is why I created Overdose! Overdose Face Serum does the multitasking for you! It is your complete skin essentials all in one. You can literally just grab it, apply it, and GO!

Some people say good skin is a matter of good genes. Would you agree that if you have troubled skin, can that always be remedied by specific skincare routines?

Your skin is definitely one of the hardest working organs in the body. The skin is continually fighting off and protecting the outside influences as well as keeping the cells and systems in place inside the body. Your skin will give you warning signs when something is not operating correctly. Yes, of course, genes have a lot to do with your health; everyone has different chemistry and DNA. Sometimes it can be as simple as a good skincare routine, other times a skin condition may require an adjustment from the inside. I consider all those things when treating a skin problem.

Tell us about your product ‘Overdose’ – what inspired it?

The inspiration to create Overdose came from several things, first and foremost, because my customers were sick of using 7-10 products and never got the result they wanted. My technology will lower the cost of skincare regimens and provide customers with luxury, fast, and affordable skin systems while eliminating skin irritation. My skin allergies also inspired me, and my allergies have had a massive impact on my quality of life. People look at me sometimes and think I have a disease. It affects everything I do or can’t do. I never gave up developing a cure. The way that you feel in your skin affects the way that you live, and I was inspired to create a sexy, simple, confident, and pure beauty brand to inspire others never to give up.

You’ve definitely convinced us! Is there any other advice you’d give to people who are just now becoming more mindful of their skincare routine? 

If you do have allergies, make sure you read the ingredient list. The FDA has not made it mandatory yet to put a label on skincare products that reads “may contain traces of nuts or shellfish” and other allergy warnings. There are naturally derived ingredients that can cause those allergic reactions on your skin if you have environmental or food allergies. Even though you are not eating the cream (I hope), you can still react if those ingredients such as nuts and shellfish are in the skin cream. Some drug capsules are also made from shellfish.

Those are all excellent tips. Do you have any insider’s secrets you can share with our readers about maintaining beautiful skin?

Use Retin A. It works. You should start it in your mid 20’s and gradually increase the dose. I always mix my Retin A with oil or another product to help disperse and dilute it a bit; this prevents a lot of expensive cosmetic surgery later in life. It is always smarter to maintain the skin, then having to go back and correct it later.

Finally, what keeps you passionate about helping people look beautiful?

That’s easy, and it is the challenge to fix the problem and seeing my people live a healthy, confident life and feeling beautiful in their own skin.


Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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