Planning a new build? 4 steps to planning a successful building project

Remodeling a house is a daunting task in and of itself, but building a new one is a whole another ballgame. You would probably have to spend weeks of not months planning what parts to remodel, so you can only imagine how long it takes to plan and build a new home.

But don’t let us frighten you right at the start. Nothing is insurmountable, with the right mind-set and a few tried-and-true tips and tricks under your belt. With that being said, our little article contains just that – a few tips on what you need to pay attention to, to build your dream home. Let’s check them out. 

Create a budget plan

The first thing you will probably need to do when thinking about new construction is to create a budget plan. Let’s not beat around the bush – building a new house is expensive, and you’ll need a significant sum of money to even consider starting such a project. 

As far as the money itself goes, you’ll need to set aside a sum for several things. If you don’t have an empty lot, you’ll probably need to buy one. Then you’ll probably need to pay for professionals to check out your lot, buy the materials for your new house, hire contractors, designers, an architect, and many other elements. All these will require funds, and it’s a good idea to put each and every element down on paper so you know exactly what you’re paying for, and how much.

There are quite a few ways to save money when building a house and one of them is getting a construction loan. Some banks pre-qualify construction loans, so you’ll know how much money your bank is willing to give you, and how much of the complete construction cost will that loan cover. Finally, don’t forget to have a contingency fund either – any contractor will tell you to have at least 10-20% of the entire budget as extra cash, in case things don’t go according to plan, and, when construction is in question, things rarely do so. 

Assemble a team

Building a new house is a monumental undertaking and one that shouldn’t be undertaken alone. What you need is a team of trusted professionals and advisors that will help you create a home of your dreams. 

Now, the question is, should you hire an architect? And the answer is, for the most part, yes.  An architect will probably ask you a number of questions to ensure all your requirements are met, but, at the same time, he’ll make propositions on how to make your idea more feasible, aesthetically pleasing and affordable, and follow proper safety regulations. 

After that, you’ll have the option of hiring an interior designer. Though you can design the interior of your home yourself, getting advice from a professional is never a bad idea, as they can provide useful insights into what combines functionality and aesthetics, and getting the most bang for your buck. Furthermore, if you’re not experienced when it comes to interior design, then our advice is to definitely hire a professional designer, as it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. 

Finally, you need to hire a contracting firm. There are quite a few contractors around, but note that not all of them will be a great fit. This is simply because some contractors might not have the experience and the expertise to bring the idea for your home to life. Pay special care when hiring professional new home builders, and make sure to interview several firms to find the contractor most to your liking. Also, if your friends and family are in the industry, or have used a contractor’s services, don’t be afraid to ask them for referrals. 

Create a program with your team

Now that you’ve got your team assembled, and your budget in mind, it’s time to start planning your dream home. 

When planning your house, it is worth noting that you don’t have to start from scratch. There exist many sources, like catalogs, that offer a wide variety of home plans and blueprints. It is a good idea to go through those first, as planning from scratch will take extra time and it might even incur extra costs down the line. Be sure to talk to your team, as they may have a few suggestions, and you might eventually find a house plan that you might like. 

If you’re intent on planning the home from the ground up, then make sure your blueprint is as meticulous as possible. The reason behind this is that, if you don’t have a clear-cut plan, there are a number of mistakes to avoid when building a new home that might creep up on you. Not only that, but your small change might offset other elements of the building, causing more things to need adjustment, and this will cause you to burn through your budget (and your team’s patience) pretty quickly.  

Don’t forget the permits

We mentioned them before, but we’ll mention them again – do NOT forget the permits. All this planning and budgeting will be for naught if you don’t have the correct permits to build your house. 

When it comes to that, your team will probably be able to help you somewhat. Your architect and contractor will probably be aware of the laws and regulations of your territory and/or state, but it’s worth double-checking with the governing bodies yourself. Depending on the scope and complexity of your project, it could be weeks before you get all your permits, and, in extreme cases, these processes can drag out for years. 


All in all, when undertaking a project of this size, the most important thing you need is a strong conviction and a good plan. Building a new house is going to take a lot of time and, for the duration of the project, it will take a good chunk of your life. However, remain calm, trust in your plan and in your team, and you will bring your project to completion in due time and with minimal deviation from the original plan.  

Mianna Korben
Mianna Korben
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