Massive pay for this 20-year-old programming language

In accordance with the recruitment site Glassdoor, Java developers were amongst the software professionals who got the hefty pay and the swiftly-raising monetary benefits in the US during 2018-2019.

Although data scientist might have been the glamorously paid and the most sought-after technical jobs, however, it is highly witnessed in the case of pay scale that there is a prominent raise for good old Java developers working diligently. The total estimation of net income or the take-home salary for Java developers in January 2019 has been extended to $78,469, which is profusely advancing 4.2% YoY (year-on-year), setting its position in the top 10 most sought after jobs for a pay increase amongst full-time US technocrats. In contradiction to the prevailing circumstances, the enhanced pay for US techies progressed to 2.3% throughout the time period.

This bracket of an identical stamped development was also recently witnessed in the UK, where Hays recruitment has announced that Java developers were amongst the tech professionals who had seen the enormous percentage raise in pay structure correspondingly in 2018. The compelling demand and distinguished job satisfaction also supported present Java developers to be honored as the 22nd best job in America in a Glassdoor at the beginning of this year. Java has an extensive assortment of applications, that contributing to the developer community as the language of the best choice for server-side or backend business software for approximately more than a decade. And also reigning as one of the principal languages for developing or creating the brand-new highly useful android mobile applications.

James Milligan, the director of Hays Digital Technology have once pronounced that without any surprise, it is completely an eye opener to notice the salaries of Java developers are advancing to soar.

And the above-stated news is very much logical with the intrinsic data from the salary guide. That which narrated, Java is a very famous traditional programming language, with huge companies setting the demand so as to be sustained over all sectors. Thus being driven by enterprises staying to realize the cause and effects of internal user base and external end-user experience as their base factor to gauge. By releasing the latest version of Java 9 in the far end of 2017, the observations have resulted in the huge adoption and practice in 2018 and this arrangement of incorporating Java across the enterprises is set to continue throughout this year of 2019.

Despite the pay for the evergreen programming language, Java is enhancing exponentially, the equally influential evolving languages Kotlin and Scala, both do run only on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and are persistently rolled out as something that is included among the highest-paid programming languages across the world.

Massive pay for this 20-year-old programming language
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As stated above, the well proved Java developer role is not the only one in the tech niche with the enhanced and highly expanding salary structure in the year to January that huge recognition went to solution architects that heeded a 4.8% year-on-year rise. Solutions architects are the technocrats who enjoy both quickly raising salaries, but are further under the umbrella of topnotch funded tech professionals, with Glassdoor observations the tech roles would have an average pay of $105,692 and tech staffing consultancy Mondo findings reported that a median salary of $155,000 – $220,000, presenting it one of the 11 greatest and best-remunerated tech jobs.

Let us now discuss whether the evolving and boasting data scientist role is absolutely the best job in this digital and data-driven era. At the opposite edge of the broad spectrum of job market comparison, Glassdoor has showcased the curative figures which at a first glimpse have seemed to challenge the widespread assumption that data scientist is top notch and the best job in the US, as freshly announced by both Glassdoor and LinkedIn.

These curative structured figures displayed that in the year to January data scientists’ endured some of the lowest salary growth amidst the US professionals, with the average pay raising merely 0.5% only. But, a senior data scientist and an experienced economist at Glassdoor, Daniel Zhao, stated that the mega picture is, however, a pampering bed of roses for the data scientists.

He also stated whether the goal marching and cherishing data scientists be treated with that of the annual salary growth is only 0.5 per cent only. It is absolutely from the fact that the data scientists are then, one of the greatest-paying jobs in the U.S. with an average annual base pay of $96,959, supplementing that a 0.5% rise is still followed in a strong annual raise. In appreciation to the high salary paid to data scientists, the other simple yet significant factors such as better job satisfaction and a huge demand for the number of job openings in the job market which has also supported the role of data scientist secure the top place in the Glassdoor’s best jobs curated data report.

The pay for the techies like web designers was also somewhat putrid in 2019, as in accordance with the Glassdoor figures, that which only increasing 0.3%, setting them amongst the 10 workers with the very passively growing salaries in 2018.

Let us now jot down the different kinds of tech jobs with active pay growth as a tabular structure.

Job Role Average Base Pay structure YoY %
Solutions Architect $105,692 4.8%
Java developer $78,469 4.2%

Let us now jot down the different kinds of tech jobs with passive pay growth as a tabular structure.

Job Title Median Base Pay YoY %
Data scientist $96,959 0.5%
Web designer $53,919 0.3%

Thus these are the various curated observations and findings as stipulated by the Glassdoor.

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Chirag Thumar
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