Gift yourself safety and security through martial arts

Life is full of ifs and buts. No one knows what is in store for them or what they may have to confront the very next minute. Obviously, there is no crystal ball that will keep predicting events for them.

Like it or not, bad things do happen in the world, and unfortunately, bad things will happen to you. Since there is no control on such events all one can do is protect and safeguard themselves against any unpleasant moments. The most evident way of protecting oneself is by learning self-defence technique.

Self Defence

Looking at the current scenario, learning self-defence is important for everyone. It has been commonly seen not only men, but women and kids are gradually coming forth to get equipped with self-defence.

And when self-defence is the objective, there are various martial styles that one can find solace in. Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Aikido, Wing Chun etc. are just to name a few self-defence martial arts forms.

Here are some of the benefits learning self-defence will bring in:

Stay safe all the time

These self-defence techniques of martial arts prepares one to fight back in any tragic or bad situation ensuring they are safe and secured against any threat. Be it on social media, newspaper or television, one is constantly coming a cross crimes happening day in day out.

Crimes like murder, rape, eve teasing, kidnapping, robbery are growing at an unstoppable pace, who knows who the next target is. With equipping oneself with the self-defence techniques like punching and kicking one can bring a sense of security and courage to fight back and not to be an easy target.


When one acquires the learning of martial art self-defence techniques one is imparted with a sense of intuition as well. The practitioner will gradually take up a skill of observing and picking up on the signals such anti-social circumstances tends to send out.

self defence
Martial arts will assist in improving your sense of awareness. Photo: Marvin Roaw, Pixabay

This sense of alertness will bring awareness helping one in staying vigilant and enabling them to stay away from such situations.

Lead a healthy life

Martial art is one of the most demanding physical activities one may ever come across to. It requires the entire body to move and be active all the time. Activities like kicking, punching, defending with the complete movement results in strengthening muscles and reflexes of the practitioner.

Both mental and physical strength plays a vital role in effective learning and eventually putting it to use. These high-intensity activities, also help in managing the weight and leading a healthy life.

Acquire the art of self-discipline

Acquiring self-defence martial art training one is expected to be disciplined and dedicated towards the learning. These techniques are challenging in many ways. It has been often seen that self-defence techniques help one identify their inner strength.

And to excel in the training one has to take charge of their strength and control both their internal and external fears, as a result, the battle with their fears is won. Once the importance of self-control and discipline is understood, it can be applied in everything they may pursue, be it professional or personal.

Attain self-confidence

The greatest benefit one is surely going to get hold of is a newly attained self-confidence. During practicing various different self-defence forms, they are put in a through many challenging and imposing situations which they can only come out of by pushing their limits to the extreme.

And this motivation to test their inner strength and achieving what they thought was impossible certainly taken their confidence a level up. And this confidence can benefit in many ways.

Zac Fyffe
Zac Fyffe
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