How to have an attractive and beautiful tennis court?

Making a great tennis court is a great way to enhance any sports complex or private property. Sure, tennis is a recreational sport but, with the right partner, it can also be a great social activity, as well as a great source of cardio. So, it is more than clear why building a beautiful tennis court would be a good idea. Now, there are a lot of rules to the sport and the court itself needs to match some of these rules. There are also different types of surfaces on which tennis is being played (major tournaments are even renowned by this surface type). All in all, here are several tips on how you can build an attractive and beautiful tennis court.

1. Surface the court

There are four major types of tennis court surfaces:

  • Clay
  • Hard
  • Grass
  • Carpet

Generally speaking, a hard surface is probably the simplest for maintenance, while grass/clay may be cheaper to install. Also keep in mind that each of these surface types has its own, unique style of tennis. The speed at which the ball bounces will definitely depend on the surface.

A grass court is the most traditional option on this list. The surface enables quick plays and the ball bounces low, which gives you a limited time to respond. This is why serve plays matter much more than with some other surfaces. If you aim well, your opponent may not be able to respond in time. The same goes the other way around.

Clay courts are the opposite, seeing as how heavy serve is no longer as effective. The surface slows down the ball but it also makes it jump unusually high. This is especially loved by technical players, seeing as how you have an opportunity to make amazing angles.

Describing hard court is especially difficult, seeing as how a lot of it depends on the exact type of material that you use. Generally speaking, what you need is an acrylic surface layer but what you use underneath is up to you.

Artificial grass, often referred to as carpet, is another opportunity that you have. It is great for maintenance and it gives you a chance to get the best of both worlds when it comes to cost, maintenance, and tennis experience.

2. Think about the light

Regardless if you want to make an indoor or outdoor tennis court, you need to focus on the issue of lighting. Installation of tennis court lighting is not a simple matter. You need to find the right brightness and the right level of illumination. Other than this, you also need to figure out the right distance from the court, as well as find someone competent enough to install it.

The polls need to be able to handle the weight. This depends on the material that the polls are made of, the foundation, and even the choice of lamps. Keep in mind that the installation is not the only difficult thing. You also need to figure out the maintenance. This is why finding local experts is such a good idea. Using the same team for installation and maintenance is the best possible choice.

In order to make it all visually pleasing (and fair for both players/teams), it is important that lighting levels cover the entire field. Sure, this is a luxurious venue but just because you can afford the power bill, this doesn’t mean that you want the place to be so power-hungry.

The truth is that there are a lot of rules and regulations that you could research on this topic. You could also hire a professional team to handle these matters in your stead. The choice is yours.

3. Organizing the court

The first thing that probably crossed your mind when we talked about the tennis court is the issue of court organization. First, you need to draw up the court. The dimensions are easy to find and you need to consider whether you want a multi-purpose court or not.

Next, it’s time for you to think about the tennis net. First, you will find that anchor and post system designed to hold a net is much more complex than you initially thought. It needs to be dug deep into the ground. This goes for both posts and center anchor, which you need to get separately. Then, there are set screws, caps, and much, much more.

Overall, there’s a lot of extra equipment that you will need to acquire in order to wrap things up and bring these works to an end. Naturally, you need to budget all of these items, which is far from being an easy thing to do. The maintenance itself will require some additional equipment.

4. Aesthetics

Now, the color of the court can be whatever you want it to be. The thing is that carpet and hard tennis surfaces come in all colors and patterns. Sure, some people are tennis purists and prefer to go with a more traditional solution. Whatever you choose, there will be a lot of additional options. Finding a way to make it all come together is the key.

5. Indoor or outdoor court

There’s one additional issue that you need to consider – a covered or open tennis court. This is the single most important issue regarding this entire project. It will determine whether you need to build an entire construction around the tennis court in question. This includes the heating, and everything else related. Sure, it gives you a chance to enjoy playing tennis all year long and regardless of the weather conditions but it also makes the project several times more expensive. It also changes all the parameters of the project. For instance, the installation of light becomes much different than it would have been otherwise.

Another massive issue is whether this should be just a place made for tennis or an interactive sports field, which can be used by multiple people for a variety of purposes. This can massively offset the costs, but also the cost-effectiveness of the project in question. It also affects your choice regarding the flooring, light, and dimensions of the court. Overall, having everything thought out before you start is so important.

In conclusion

In the end, tennis is not everyone’s cup of tea but even for those who are passionate about the sport, there are only a few who will ever attempt to make their own tennis court. Keep in mind that this is something that only feels simple. In reality, there is so much to take into consideration, measure, and decide upon. Also, seeing as how it is a major project, the decisions you make here will remain with you for years to come. Therefore, it is pivotal that you make the right choice. This is only possible as a result of elaborate research.

Tim Tyler
Tim Tyler
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