John Travolta defends his Gotti biofilm

Esteemed actor John Travolta and the producers of their John Gotti biofilm appropriately named “Gotti” want audiences to know that despite recent news, their movie did not get unceremoniously canned by Lionsgate studios.  Lionsgate is reported to have cancelled the release of the film only 10 days before it was set to show in theatres on December 15.

With the film acting as the directing debut of Entourage star Kevin Connelly, Gotti is said to have featured a stunning performance by John Travolta as the 1980’s New York crime boss. The “Teflon Don” was the head of the Gambino crime ring that handled all manner of illegal activities such as racketeering, loansharking as well as murder and extortion.

With similar tones to the highly regarded Godfather films, Gotti was set to capture audiences with a highly romanticised yet gritty look at organised crime in the 1980’s.

Because the film was set to be given a comparatively small theatrical release through the Lionsgate Premiere division, the producers of the film used a buy-back clause in the distribution contract. The reason for this was to distribute the movie to a wider audience and release it during the buzz for awards-season.

The film’s executive producer Keya Morgan recently dispelled rumours that reports indicated that the movie was dropped by Lionsgate studios. Lionsgate confirmed this in a comment stating that they never even considered dropping the film and were desperate for audiences to see it. Lionsgate sees Gotti as having significant Oscar potential and did not want it go be forgotten by audiences.

Travolta confirmed this information stating that because Lionsgate was originally only seeking a minimal release he personally sought out people who could release the film to a wider audience. Travolta went on to say that although it wasn’t easy to get the film bought back from Lionsgate they had finally and generously agreed.  Travolta reaffirms his faith in the film by explaining how desperate he was to make sure it got the exposure it deserves.

Further statements from Keya Morgan claim that negotiations are currently underway with two other studios who are interested in a wide release of the film. There are also plans to debut the film at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2018. Morgan went on to quickly shutdown any rumours that Lionsgate had dropped the film because of recent sex scandals involving Travolta or the actors’ ties to the Church of Scientology.

Travolta and Gotti’s producers are eager for audiences to see the film they have worked so hard on. It’s clear they don’t want anyone to think that the breakdown with Lionsgate has anything to do with the quality of the film.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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