Is increasing mobile data usage a sign of a problem?

The number of smartphone users and specifically the ones who are using mobile has increased massively. The number of mobile subscribers and people using mobile data have grown massively to 7.97 billion in the year 2018. These are the states which have come even before the introduction of 5G. And, after the introduction of 5G the percentage will grow even higher than this. The key factor driving the growth of the mobile data usage is fact that now more and more mobile apps and even various functions in the mobile phones need access to internet. Therefore, the users have to stay connected to the internet in order to use each and every feature of their mobile phone.

Pros of high mobile data usage

Well, if we look at it from the industry perspective, the increase in the mobile data usage is considered beneficial for the market. As, it leads to more profit generation in various sectors. For example, if the mobile data usage increase, then automatically the network carriers will be benefited. And, the tons of app manufacturers and companies whose product would be sold through the mobile apps or services booked via the apps will be benefited as well. Also, the increasing mobile data usage is the sign of development, as it symbolizes that more people are using internet on mobile phones now. And, it gives rise to the mobile industry as well.

Is the soaring mobile data usage a matter of concern?

Now, the question arises, if the increasing mobile data usage is beneficial for the users, the companies and for the society as a whole, then where are the challenges or what exactly is the matter of concern?

First of all, if we only talk about the mobile data and not broadband, then cost can be one of the biggest challenge as well. If more mobile data are used, irrespective of the plan or the subscription, then the cost would definitely be on the higher side. But, when we compare the mobile data with broadband connections, the cost comes out to be lesser than mobile data. As broadband connections offer more data and at a lower cost as opposed to the mobile data. Therefore, several times, the users are offered ways to reduce the mobile data as it can be a bit costly for the smartphone users, and using a broadband connection is lesser expensive.

Is increasing mobile data usage a sign of a problem?
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The social impact of increased mobile usage

Increased use of mobile phones and mobile data has huge impact on the society as well. As, increased mobile usage is not only positive and it has various negative impacts. Mostly, if the mobile data usage is mostly for social media. There are numerous adverse effects of excessive use of the social media platforms. Apart from the fact that increased use of social media platforms leads to wastage of time, it is also believed that more and more use of the social media platforms may also reduce the actual human connection. As, people are mostly connected digitally, and they ignore the importance of developing a human to human connection.

Apart from that, increased mobile phone usage can definitely affect the health badly as well. Be it impacting the eyesight or the vision. Or, in some cases, increased use of mobile phones, especially the social media platforms may also lead to the mental health issue. As, the use of social media platforms gives rise to the feelings of competition, jealousy etc. as well.

Digital distraction can even hamper your power to concentrate. Also, reliance on the mobile phone has increased, and smartphones have now become a habit, which is definitely not good. And, all this can adversely affect your work and studies as well. Therefore, it is important to limit the use of smartphones.

Though, there have been tons of advantages of using mobile phones, and the rise of mobile data usage can be seen as a sign of growth as well, but there are some challenges related to it as well. As, increases smartphone usage can have severe impact on the health. There is nothing wrong in sign smartphones, but, at the end of the say, there should be some limit.

Rosina De Palma
Rosina De Palma
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