How to store your valuable photographs and paintings like a Pro

Have you ever wondered how to store your photos and paintings like a pro? It is necessary that your precious photos, paintings and old memories should be stored in a safe place.

Nowadays, you can hire self storage unit space to store your valuable paintings and photographs like a pro.

Top recommendations for storing your cherished paintings and photographs are mentioned below:

Tip 1

It is vital to preserve your sweet memories and here is how you can do it in a better way:

It’s vital to keep your hands clean

When handling photographs, your hands should be clean and free from the moisturiser. Pick or hold photographs by the corners or edges to prevent fingerprints and damage that can be caused by the oils coming from your skin.

Selecting the appropriate container

Selecting the appropriate container is the starting point to preserve your photographs in mint condition. To archive your photographs, you’ll require a container or folder that is not only photo-friendly but also free from PVC and acid.

Take care while filling out your photographs and avoid overfilling your container or photo album as it can lead to frayed edges and bending. In addition, avoid using paperclips or rubber bands to hold your photos collectively, as these can cause discolouration, marks and dents.

Shield your photos from the outer components

Photos can get damaged easily due to humidity, extreme temperatures and long-term exposure to light. To keep your photos at ease, a climate-controlled personal storage space is vital.

Tip 2

You love your paintings and want to preserve them in top condition, right? It is vital you keep them protected from humidity, varying temperatures, dust and other environmental elements. Some tender loving care should be applied to store that awesome landscape portrait or any other beautiful portrayal in top condition.

Clean the paintings

Prior to putting your paintings into storage, you would want your paintings to look their best. So it is imperative to clean your paintings first – begin by tenderly taking out any surface dust using a microfibre cloth. Next, add a bit of polish to your timber frames to give it adequate protection. Add some oil to your metal frames to give it ample protection against corrosion formation.

Handle with care

Prior to handling your paintings, remove your jewellery and wash your hands. Don’t be in a haste to carry everything in one go, instead, you should just carry one painting at a time. Never try to carry your painting with just one hand at the bottom or top, rather you need to place a hand on each side of the frame.

Store your paintings upright

Ideally, you must store your paintings in an upright position and separately, away from your other belongings. Never put your paintings flat because the canvas can crumple under its own weight. Nevertheless, if you have to store your paintings by piling one on the top of another, you need to put padding in between each painting for safeguard.

Temperature matters

Paintings need to be shielded from extreme weather conditions – for instance, extreme cold or heat, humidity and fluctuating temperatures can all lead to spoiling your paintings, so it’s not at all worth the threat. Thus, a climate-controlled self storage unit space is preferable to store your paintings in top condition.

Wrap the paintings

Well, once you have placed all your paintings in storage, now you need to shield them from dust and rubbish with a clean cloth or moving blanket. Never use plastic or bubble wrap to cover your paintings as this can catch condensation, contributing to mildew and mould formation.

Final words

Check out self storage pricing online or visit your nearby self storage unit to find out what facilities and add-on services they provide, including self storage boxes and other packaging material to pack your belongings for storage.


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