How to motivate your team for better productivity and effectiveness

As you head to work today, are you excited because you know that you are being considered in all your project endeavours and that there is a fun tone to the workplace? If not, then some changes need to take place immediately to improve motivation. Employees are more productive when they are upbeat and when they are having fun.

Remember, fun is not just a word that means joking around or laughing consistently. IT experts have said that they have fun looking for a virus or window washers experience fun when their windows sparkle in the sunlight.

When your company team is not relaxed or having fun, it means that they are slightly stressed which makes business decisions less effective and less creative. Teams are made up of people who have differing opinions and ideas because their skills are what your company needs.

But to improve profit, service, and talent, your team need to work in an environment that empowers and motivates them. These key ingredients are not expensive; all it takes is a willingness to place your employees before your capital.

There are hundreds of tips on how to get your company team to feel more passionate about the aims and goals of your business. One top managerial solution has been shown on the TV news recently and that is about transparency. If you work in an honest leadership role, your actions will trickle down to every team member which helps to make them feel valuable. Give your team more than a quick verbal ‘hey good job buddy, keep it up.’

Employees in a team environment want to know that their ideas are being recognised because they care about their career goals which means helping the company succeed. Inspire your company team with a smile, better interactions, inspirational tasks, rewarding tasks, and more.

After all, motivation means absenteeism is lowered, increased profits, and overall better production. What would inspire your team and help to keep your best employees?

No, not every team member will be motivated by each of your particular solutions, so try different remedies. You can institute incentives like monetary rewards, monthly recognition, even changing the architecture of the office to a more relaxed design.

Let’s look at 5 ideas to help motivate your team/employees:

1. Let’s start inducement with food and drink – I know it works for my family. What about daily pastries to greet employees when they arrive in the morning. Consider keeping fruits in a designated dining area.

This helps promote healthy eating and not only boosts the body’s energy levels but also boosts morale. My favourite motivational food idea is Friday afternoon luncheons or after 5 pm drinks. Feeding the body in this manner helps for a healthier life outlook and restful lifestyle as indicated by these conclusions.

Free food and drinks also help your team to look forward to coming to work! Either way, make it a celebratory free event sponsored by the company.

2. Do you show your team how appreciative you are for their hard work? When the company is celebrated for a special breakthrough, make that news available to your team and make it a workplace celebration. This shows your team how much you appreciate their work efforts in making this event a possibility.

How about celebrating employee baby births, weddings, or birthdays? Don’t just send an e-mail or text, openly show how much top executives and managers care about the lives of your team members.

Make these milestones a party atmosphere with gifts and decorations. It will only take a little time out of your day, but it is a long-term investment. These types of gestures motivate employees to keep their work ethics on an elevated level.

3. Millennials are entering the workforce with particular expectations. Employers must keep an open mind and welcome change, especially if the results are best for the company’s gain. Try creating a balance between work and personal life to increase their motivation.Long working hours and stressful environment can often lead to insomnia.

Treating insomnia with good sleep is what therapists suggest, however, offering flexible options like work-from-home to employee’s comfort can address such stress issues. Companies like Apple and Harpo Productions are incorporating part-time or flexible positions and work-at-home availability.

Labour agencies show that employees not in the office are now ranging between 50% to 60% and yet production has increased. Working from home with modern software and cloud computing does not take away from office productivity.

Happy employees are just as important as a profit increase. Additional incentives for the employees may include free gym memberships, paid vacation, increase training and coaching workshops, etc.

4. A few years ago, there was a workplace movement to take employees out of the office on field trips to sponsor team building motivation. Modern companies are bringing back this type of activity and it seems to be working. More executives are sponsoring activities like the Ninja style games, canoeing, zip-lining, camping, paintball games, and much more.

The goal is not to only have fun, but to get to know and respect each other better, especially when your adrenaline is pumping like a special project that the company is hurried to complete.

Employees can relax in a fun atmosphere that stimulates the mind and body. Employers also get to know their team more intimately possibly in an environment that challenges. Remember, however, embarrassment and fear are not components of team building. Just have fun and learn a lot.

5. Lastly in this list and what is a great reward for keeping key skills in your company is money. Monetary compensation is not just a back-door entrance to keep talented team members – it’s people’s main motivation to work.

Paying people for their experiences and skills is an appreciative gesture, not a negative incentive. Leaders expect monetary increases, promotions, and bonuses. Why shouldn’t a secretary or a mid-level team member expect the same life supporting courtesy?

Remember, motivating your team in a variety of ways is about personal growths and corporate growth. Both need each other!

Helen Cartwright
Helen Cartwright
I am a passionate blogger who over several years have written content that spans a broad range of industries. Since my childhood days, I was under the influence of reading different stories that ultimately created my profession as a writer.
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