How to drive pests away from your property

Pests are almost everywhere. It seems like they are just patiently waiting and always ready to enter every property which they will find to have even the slightest potential to be a perfect environment for them to live in. As homeowners, it is to our utmost benefits if our property will be very unwelcoming for all the pesky pests. But how do we do that? Do we stand on our door all day and all night with a scowl on our face and with a threatening stance so that if ever a pest is nearby they will get the signal that they are indeed not welcome? Of course, we cannot do that. In the first place, we are well aware that it is not always through the doors that pests enter a house. 

So, how do we send the signal that pests are not welcome in our home? Or better yet, how do we make it unappealing to pests that even without them seeing us they will abort their mission to find shelter in our property and have a happy, contented and growing family there? 

A pest can always try. But as homeowners, we can do something to make sure that even if a pest has indeed made it inside our house they will find no reason to stay there. Follow the tips we provide below. Guaranteed, following them will truly help and will be like having a big bold DO NOT ENTER sign in your house that pests will understand.

Provide no entrance for them

Practically speaking, the first thing we need to do if we don’t want any annoying and health-threatening pests inside our house is to provide no access for them to get inside. Giving them no entrance does not only refer to doors or windows. Always keep in mind that there are tiny pests out there that a closed-door and window will not discourage or even take out all the chances of them getting inside. How do we make sure there are no available entry points for them?

  • Check for any gaps, spaces, cracks or holes even the smallest ones and patch the holes and fill or repair the cracks and spaces.
  • Always make sure that the windows are properly closed especially at night time where there are many nocturnal pests.
  • As much as possible don’t leave the front and back doors open.
  • Make sure to seal any cracks or gaps in windows and doors.
  • Trim tree branches that are closed to the house especially the branches that are near or closed to the windows or anywhere potentially open
  • Do not forget to check paper bags or the supplies we bought before entering the house, there could be some tiny pests hiding there and we could unknowingly bring them inside our home.
  • Avoid storing woods inside the house and do not store them very closed to the house too. 
Drive pests away from your property
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Provide no food for them

Any pests would like to stay in a place where they can have easy foods. If a pest makes it inside our house one important thing we can do to make them “change their mind” about wanting to stay is to not give them foods they need to survive. We should be very careful about this one because there are pests like rats who eat almost anything including soaps,  providing no foods for pests is not only limited to not having any cooked meals or edible foods on the table. In making sure that we don’t provide food for pests that will without a doubt encourage them to stay, the following tips will help.

  • Do not put or leave any leftovers in the open.
  • Don’t leave unclean dishes on the sink. Make sure to wash them immediately.
  • Dispose of garbage properly.
  • Food containers must be tightly closed.
  • Store food stocks and items properly.
  • Do not leave kitchen cabinets and drawers open. They should always be closed without even a small space or gap.
  • Vacuum the floor to be sure there are no crumbs, granules or any food on the floor.

Provide no water for them

Not only water is necessary for survival it can also attract certain pests like mosquitoes. Many pests like dampness too such as termites, cockroaches, and centipedes. Keep in mind the following. 

  • Do not leave stock water on any container inside and outside the house.
  • Check for any water leakage or leaks in pipes, toilets, faucets and have it fixed immediately.

Provide no ideal environment for them

Sanitation is always an important key to drive out pests. It is always important to avoid clutter inside and outside the house because pests can use them as a hiding place or nests.

What can you do to avoid providing pests a perfect environment in your property?

  • Dispose of garbage properly and regularly.
  • Always clean inside and outside your property. Avoid piling up of things or garbage.
  • Always check, clean, and put everything tidy in attics and basement rooms where pests commonly hide.
  • Termites cannot only be found in the woods, they eat clothes too, so always fold clothes in order.
  • Look for any stock water and get rid of them.
  • If there are wet areas or if there is any dampness in an area, dry them immediately.


Pests enter a house through open access and they stay there if they can find inside that place the things they need to survive and these are food, water, and their ideal shelter. The more they have easy access to food and water and the more they can find a perfect shelter for them where they can feel safe, the more they would likely to stay there. By providing them no entrance, food, water, and an ideal environment there will be no reason for them to stay in our property and make a home there. 


If there is a pest infestation in your property it is still not too late to turn the situation around. Contact a pest control service that will do the job of ensuring the infestation will be treated and from there follow the four simple but effective tips above to let the pests know and understand in their own way that your house is off-limits and it is not a place for them to find shelter and survive.

Maan Saluta, a writer at Lead Generation Strategists is the content writer for Termite and Pest Control North Brisbane ( She likes to write articles for home improvements and developments and she believes in the effectiveness of writing based on research and experience. You can connect with her on Instagram.
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