How to create a mascot design for your business

People have always seen brand characters from the day they were born and for good reason too. A catchy mascot design works, and will help the business in its marketing in various different ways. It is easy for people to become attached to a brand character and mascot design, and as a result they will remember the business and what they offer due to this. For this reason, a unique mascot design is a good and powerful marketing tool for any business.
It is always preferable for a brand character to have a unique mascot design and personality. This will ensure that what the brand character represents will be remembered easily, but only if the mascot design is good. Whilst many brand characters look simple, many people assume that it is easy to create one for their own business. However, a good brand character can be complicated to develop in order to be memorable.

Here is how to create a mascot design for your business.

Develop unique character features

When developing a brand character, you must remember that the mascot design must be unique. You can think about ways to make it stand out, will its colour stand out? Will its eyes? Will it have any extra features?
It is a good idea to play with the proportions of the character, maybe even exaggerate their features in order to make them stand out more.
The colour of the brand character should also be taken into careful consideration, as dark and gloomy colours will help to represent moodier and creepier characters, whereas brighter colours help to evoke a feeling of happiness and attachment.
Do not be afraid to play around with the mascot design and features, as it is a good way to make your brand character stand out more against the competition, and will likely make your representation much more memorable amongst consumers. This is very important in making your representation a powerful and memorable marketing tool.

Develop the personality

There are various ways to develop a character personality.
Important features for this include the expression on the face, their posture and their shape. These can help to determine whether the character is positive or negative, and helps to evoke certain feelings from the consumers. Softer lines and shapes are often associated with positive and caring characters, whereas sharper angles are associated with a more negative mascot design.
While it is important to play around with traditional associations between shapes, colours and expressions, you must also remember to make the character unique so as to stand out amongst the crowd. Your brand character must be unique in order to stand out and represent your business well.

Give them a story

Giving your brand character a back story is a good way to add to a unique mascot design. This will ensure that your character is different compared to others, as well as giving information to the consumer to relate to.
As a result, they will be able to relate and memorise the character and what it represents. This will help your character to become a marketing tool as the consumer will be able to remember them, relate to them and as a result, remember your business.

In summary, a unique mascot design is important in order for your business to be memorable. By playing with the shape, colours, expression, posture and back story, you can help the consumer to relate to the character and ultimately remember what it stands for: your business. This is what makes a brand character such a powerful marketing tool, but it must be designed correctly in order to be one.

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