Benefits of having explainer videos in your marketing campaigns

Video has become an everyday element in the life of every Internet user. Explainer Videos attract millions of users every day, therefore it is an effective tool for promoting companies on the Internet. In this article, we’ll talk about the role of video in content marketing and how to create it. Let’s start by looking at the benefits of video content.

Why should you use video in marketing?

Increased traffic

According to statistics, if there is a video in an email, then its conversion increases by 200%. The presence of a video on a website page also increases traffic by 150%.

Increased trust and loyalty

If you make an explainer video in which you tell about your brand, product/service, employees and work process, then show your audience that you are “real”. This will definitely increase the credibility of your company.

Memorable brand or product

As you know, on average, we remember only 10% of the text we read. Which is not the case with the video. Using the auditory and visual channels while receiving information increases memorisation up to 70%. The audience is more likely to remember important information about your company by watching an explainer video than by reading the text.

To attract attention

By creating high-quality and interesting videos for your target audience, you will undoubtedly attract attention. This could include product reviews, interviews with experts in your industry, new product launches, and more.


If you get creative with the process and create a memorable video that benefits your audience, be prepared to share it. One click can turn into thousands, the video will start spreading on the network, which will have a positive impact on your promotion.

All these benefits show that video plays an important role in content marketing strategy and can bring hundreds of new users to your site. But there are many factors that affect the success of video marketing. Below we detail how to create and distribute videos effectively.

How to create an effective video: goals and objectives

Most companies have hundreds of ideas but don’t know how to implement them in an explainer video marketing. Its main task is to engage as many users as possible and bring new customers. To do this, you need to correctly formulate the purpose of the video and decide on its format.

Defining the goal

When setting the goal, it is important to understand that the video should benefit your audience: teach, explain, tell. This principle formulates the task. But if you make even one mistake in this process, the use of video in content marketing will become useless. Here are the most common mistakes.

Obsessive advertising of your product

If you shoot a video in which the main focus is on your product, users will rate it as a regular advertisement. The emphasis should be placed not on the product, but on the user. A video with useful information for him will be more effective than telling about the benefits of your product/service.

Video too complex

Many marketers want to tell everything in one video at once – about a company, about employees, about a product. After watching such a video, most users will have a mess in their heads. Divide your audience into different segments and shoot a video for each of them.

Lack of brand broadcast

You can often find videos after which the product is remembered, but not the company. Come up with and use your corporate identity, which would be associated specifically with your company.

Irregular content release

In content marketing, video marketing, the main thing is regularity. Create a series of videos, create categories and publish videos consistently. At the same time, in each video, referring to the previous ones, thus creating a funnel.

So, we found out that video content should be unobtrusive, useful, simple and interesting for each group of your audience, branded and regular. Now you need to understand what video marketing tasks are and how to determine the right one.


This task will be relevant for new companies that have only recently appeared on the market since potential customers do not know about them yet and need to build their expert reputation from scratch. Shoot as many videos as possible that introduce you to your audience as an expert in your niche. Do not forget to analyse your competitors’ video content. You should be better, more creative and more useful. Answer each prospect’s questions by segmenting your audience. Create a series of videos, and in each video cover the topics individually for each group of potential customers.

Increased confidence

Ideal for companies selling various products. As mentioned above, direct advertising will not only be useless, but it can also be harmful. The solution is video content branding. Alternatively, create videos complemented by your company logo over the image, forming a corporate identity.


A great solution for companies with the right content marketing strategy. The goal of such companies is not just to get one-time sales, but to increase their customer base. In this case, it is important to achieve a natural connection between the video channel and other content. Any content you offer to your audience should be equally useful.


This task is suitable for recognisable companies that have been in the market for a long time. Also, suitable for content projects, for example, for companies offering educational products  (seminars, webinars, conferences). These companies need to create free video content that smoothly leads the user to paid content using a funnel. Discounts and bonuses can be used as an additional tool.


As you already understand – videos in your marketing campaigns are very important and can only benefit you. But don’t forget about the content and quality of the videos. Good quality video production is the key to the success of your marketing strategy.


The number of views is the most obvious but not the only indicator of the effectiveness of video content. In addition to them, you need to take into account such indicators as the rate of views, watch time, clicks, subscriptions, sales. It’s important to understand that content marketing brings noticeable results in at least six months. The same goes for video in content marketing strategy.


Maggie Holmes
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