Top reasons why you need mascots in Australia

Mascots in Australia are seen everywhere from schools to companies and for a good reason. These characters make brands recognisable are being used in a variety of different media channels. Think of developing one of these as a creative spokesperson for your brand that will capture the attention of people who would otherwise overlook you.

If you are considering mascots in Australia but re unsure there are a couple of benefits that you should be aware of that may sway your opinion.

They add personality to your brand/company

Creating a brand personality can be very beneficial to connect with your target audience. While it is not an easy task once you do figure it out, it can be very effective for businesses and even sports teams. Creating mascots in Australia gives your brand a face and personality that people can relate to rather than a faceless company.

It makes it easier for your brand to form emotional and physical connections with your audience and talk with them in a colloquial manner. If you have joined one of the companies that doesn’t use mascots in Australia you are yet another faceless company behind a logo that won’t be able to reach their community effectively.

Mascots in Australia can catch attention

Another great reason that you should be using mascots in Australia is that they stand out and can garner a lot of attention during events. Additionally if your brand spokesperson that is fun and approachable you may find that people will come and take selfies with it! That means that they will end up posting it to their social channels resulting in free advertising for your brand.

You would be surprised how often this happens merely because these characters stand out. People passing by may want to take or picture or they may not but regardless their attention will be caught by your giant character.

Competitive edge on social channels

As previously discussed, people seeing your character when they are out and about will prompt selfie opportunities and hence they will want to post the photos onto social media. While some brands may feel that the competitive edge is limited to selfies with the character, you can take it to the next level and have your mascots in Australia have their own social media account. Brands that are successful in doing this will be able to engage with their audience more effectively and even entertain them on a different medium than they usually act upon.

Having a strong and consistent plan when it comes to social media will allow you to capture more followers quickly while also having a strong brand consumer relationship.

They’re fun!

At the end of the day disregarding the competitive advantages that you will garner from your spokesperson, they are just fun. Both young and old audiences will either get a laugh or evoke some sort of reaction that will allow them to connect closer with your brand. Whether it is adding a bit more sazz to your logo or having someone that people can interact with in real life, you can be sure that your brand will be succeeding.

You also get to create the personality of it as well so be sure to go with something that is fun and full of life. There are many agencies out there that have years of experience as well to help get you started. If you are going along the route of this be sure to enlist the support of an expert to get it done right the first time.

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