How to clean the carpet: practical tips from experts

Each of you has definitely encountered this. A small or large accident in your home and right now the question is how to clean the carpet from stains or dirt. The carpet warms up beautifully in winter and makes barefoot walking more pleasant in summer. You can lie on it and relax, as well as read a book while drinking coffee. But what if you accidentally get a drink, food, or your pet inadvertently soils it on the carpet? We have useful first aid tips for you.

How to clean the carpet? Home or professional cleaning?

In case of any inconvenience with the carpet, you do not have to run to the dry cleaner immediately. You can also clean the carpet at home yourself, thanks to our practical tips, which even a layman can playfully handle.

How to clean a carpet with shampoo

First of all, you need to know what material your carpet is made of. Is it purely natural, synthetic or much of it made of synthetic fibers? Select the type of cleaning accordingly. How to clean the carpet when the stains are already eaten? The best wet technique, ie a special preparation for carpets. However, always keep in mind that after shampooing, the carpet should be allowed to dry thoroughly to avoid possible mold.

Professional help

If you do not dare to clean your carpet at home or you cannot afford to devote your energy to carpets due to time constraints, you can buy or rent a carpet cleaner from a professional cleaning company. Portable carpet cleaners can also be ordered online and rented for one day or a weekend.

How to clean the carpet: home remedies or carpet cleaners?

It always depends on which technique you prefer and which one you have already proven. Although you prefer to clean with techniques that do not unnecessarily burden the environment, sometimes they simply may not be enough. We will advise you on how to clean the carpet so that your procedure is effective and the result is guaranteed. Thanks to our advice, you will again get a beautiful, clean and fragrant carpet, which will keep its great condition for a long time.

If you have decided for an organic way to clean the carpet, we have a homemade recipe for you, which you can always have on hand. Thanks to this more natural alternative, you will achieve equally good results.

The ingredients are as follows:

  • ¾ cups of hydrogen peroxide
  • ¼ cups of white vinegar
  • 5 drops of essential oils
  • 2 tablespoons eco dishwashing detergent
  • 2 tablespoons softener and one glass of hot but not boiling water.

Carpet cleaning tips

The arrival of spring brings a new wind to households. Spring cleaning includes not only order in the closet and order in the kitchen, but also carpet cleaning. We will give you tips on cleaning and also how to clean the carpet quickly, well and efficiently.

Base: washing powder

Carpet cleaners and stain removers are available in various forms. The most common are foams, sprays or concentrates suitable for direct use. However, test the product on a small area of ​​the carpet that is hidden, not on the stain itself. You need to test the color fastness of the carpet. If you notice a color change, choose another type. After application and drying, vacuum the carpet again.

Ice cream against chocolate stains 

Ice is a quick help. The main problem is when chewing gum, for example, gets on the carpet. Stretching it can lead to more damage, so further tensioning of the fibers must be avoided. The goal is to let the chewing gum harden. An ice cube for half a minute should be enough to freeze the area. Then we recommend scraping it with a dessert spoon to get rid of stains for good without damaging the carpet even more.

Salt against red wine stains

At parties and celebrations, it is very likely that an accident will occur. During informal meetings with family or friends, red wine can also get on the carpet in a relaxed atmosphere. When a red wine stain appears on the carpet, sprinkle it with edible salt and wait a few minutes. You can increase the effect by pouring white wine on red wine. Does that sound suspicious? Give it a try! We have it verified.

Soda or baking powder against coffee stains

Coffee leaves strong stains. You need a special way to remove it, and that’s where baking soda will save your carpet. Apply abundantly to the stain area and wait for the soda to absorb the stain, which you can effectively vacuum. Lemon also helps. After absorbing most of the liquid, you can clean the stain with a standard carpet product that you have already verified.

Lemon juice for bright variants

How to clean a light-colored carpet? Carpets in beige, yellow, white and soft pastel colors have the disadvantage that the stains on them are more visible. Lemon juice will help against stains and accumulated dust. You can dilute it and apply it to the entire surface of the carpet, or just to one of the incriminated parts. Lemon has whitening effects.

Shaving foam instead of carpet foam for food stains

Any kind of shaving foam works on stains. The stain may also be older. The great advantage of applying shaving cream to a soiled area is that the carpet is then even soft to the touch. Rub the foam gently, allow to dry and vacuum.

Mineral water for fresh stains

Since mineral waters contain a lot of substances and mineral elements, sometimes the first aid can be a soft sparkling mineral water, which you pour quickly on the stain. Leave on and then clean as usual.

Absorbent paper for wax stains

Did you indulge in a romantic atmosphere by candlelight? Carpet wax can change your mood, so we have a tip for you on how to clean the carpet from wax. Either apply ice and then peel it off, or apply absorbent paper and wait for the wax to soak.

Rahul Saklani
Rahul Saklani
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