How to choose a hairstyle that suits you

Choosing a new hairstyle is a very important decision as people’s hair is a big part of their identity and self-confidence. Due to the importance of the decision and with so many different options available it is crucial that you choose a hairstyle that suits you and your face structure.

Other pronounced features of your face should also be considered as well as morning routine and how you plan to wear your hair every day. If you are someone who doesn’t like to put too much effort into their hair in the morning you may want to opt for something that is simple and easy to execute.

With all that considered your perfect haircut ultimately comes down to your approval above everyone else’s. If you want to try something new or stick to what you like best don’t let anyone else tell you different. If you are however in the mood for spicing things up, we have put together a short but sweet article to help you find the perfect hairstyle that suits you.

Explore your face shape

There are many different face shapes but they can generally be categorised into the following 6 categories: heart, diamond, oval, square, long and round. If you aren’t 100 percent sure what your face type is by looking in a mirror, there is a technique you can use that measures different angles to help you understand.

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If you try all of that and are still unsure about what your face shape is chances are it won’t matter. Beauty and fashion advice related to face shape generally is targeted at those with more striking features that they want to tone down. Square, long, heart and round shapes are the common ones in need of attention.

People who have diamond and oval shaped faces generally look good no matter what style they are going with. If this is the case you may want to focus on other factors such as your body shape or the texture of your hair.

Long hair, curly or fine – or even Japanese shiseido – are all different variations that may be important to you to have in a hair style. Whatever your preference, remember that there isn’t a rulebook so going with your personal preference is the key to your happiness.

Highlight your good points

Each face type has many different styles that will suit it so it can be quite hard for where to start. The basic for getting the best hair cut along with every beauty and fashion tip for that matter is to highlight the good features that you have. According to a few professionals below are the general “rules” for each face type.

Heart shaped: Draw attention to your cheekbones and eyes with either volume on the sides or bangs.

Square: Play down the strong draw line with textured hair such as curls or choppy ends.

Round: The best options are the ones that sit below your jaw line. If you have curly or wavy hair, if you go too short you may add extra width to your face. Short styles that aim to add volume to the top of the style can elongate the look of your face.

Long: A general rule is that the longer your hair looks the longer your face looks. With that in mind this face type is best suited for short hair styles that give plenty of volume. Bangs are also a great choice if you have this sort of face type.

Oval: Oval is like the O blood type of hair. Every style pretty much works and flatters with this face type. If your face is a longer variant of an oval be sure to check in with the long type for some extra pointers.

Be happy with what you’ve got

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You may have read of the many face shapes, hair styles and all the rules that go along with them. However these pointers are just guidelines and at the end of the day are suggestions not demands. The most important thing about rocking a hair style is the attitude behind it. If you follow all these “rules” you may end up with a hair style that isn’t you which ultimately defeats the whole purpose of the new look.

If you want to rock that specific hairstyle that doesn’t necessarily go with the “rules” who are we or anyone else to judge? Go with what makes you happy as how you feel about yourself will ultimately win over what the fashion and beauty industry think. The right attitude can carry any haircut.

Look at what styles are trending

Generally speaking hair styles that become trendy are normally suited for all face shapes due to their versatility and ability to look good one anyone. After all they become trending and popular because so many people are getting them right? Should length cuts, bobs, bangs, long hair and even pixie cuts look great on the majority of face shapes.

The thing to keep in mind when trying to copy your favourite celebrity’s hairstyle is that you should promote your good features as well. If you have your heart set on a certain style be sure to tell your hair stylist so they can work that around your face shape and give you the best of both worlds.

Who can pull off the short haired look?

Short hairstyle
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Short hair is a style that can go great on all face shapes however there are still some important things that you should be aware of. While it does look good on all face shapes you need to consider your own face shape and what little adjustments can be used to make it suit you even better.

For example an individual with a round face needs to be aware that getting the wrong short haired style can make their face look rounder. However if done right it can look amazing. Consult with your stylist before you commit to any big changes so you can discuss what needs to be addressed in order to get the look that you desire.

When is it time to get bangs?

Bangs are a great hairstyle that can freshen up a dull and ordinary cut. They can also make you look years younger while also bringing attention to your eyes. Another great benefit of having bangs is that they work with every face shape so no matter who you are you can also pull off this look.

The main goal of getting bangs is to make your face l

ook more oval. People who have square shaped faces will tend to cut the bangs to go along the side of their faces to give it that round effect. Additionally bangs that are swept to the side also make for a flattering option.

Face shape isn’t normally the main concern when it comes to bangs but rather the texture of your hair. Wavy and curly haired people may find it difficult to get the look that they want due to the natural way their hair sits. However just because it doesn’t traditionally work doesn’t mean you should rule out aiming to get that look that you desire so much.


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