How shoppable content is redefing social media marketing for brands

In this digital age, content is considered to be an essential factor in eCommerce, before making any purchasing decision. Shoppable content is gaining much importance and becoming a trendy expression as brands make an offer to profit on engagement. Its main aim is to lessen the path to purchase and take on board flawless user journeys that motivate sales. 

The time has gone when you require to circle your favorite products by looking through various catalogs. The landscape is significantly changed with the introduction of shoppable content for eCommerce brands and advertisers. If your brand doesn’t keep up with the pace then it will end up off the track. 

What is Shoppable Content?

In simple terms, shoppable content is any sort of content such as images, videos, articles, and so forth that offers an immediate purchasing opportunity to the consumer. How?

Well! The best way to turn content into conversions is by using a social commerce platform, you can collect and curate content from social media networks that feature your brand products. This can be your branded content or even user-generated content. 

Once you have gathered the visual content then the platform will help you to tag products to the social content posts. As you successfully tag products to content, it becomes shoppable. 

Finally, you can embed this Shoppable content on your website, eCommerce store, email campaigns, social media bio, etc. 

With the use of shoppable social media content the users can continue to shop the product from the product page or can either add directly to the cart from where they are viewing it.

Shoppable content creates an immediate desire in the heart of the audiences to make the purchase. Thus satisfaction is not the only factor. Shoppable content helps to bridge the gap between the product you are looking for and being able to purchase it. Thus we can say that conversion rates can be improved through shoppable content. With the help of shoppable content, the brands can easily measure conversions. 

Benefits of Shoppable Content for eCommerce Brands

Upliftment in Conversion

Conversion is the definitive and obvious objective of digital marketing. eCommerce brands lift brand awareness so the individual makes purchases from them. The main motive to advertise your product and services is to fascinate the buyer about the brand so that they buy it immediately.

Using shoppable content, eCommerce brands can simplify the buying process and by making it easier for your brand to earn those conversions. This is a smoothed out methodology that diminishes the time required between thinking about a product and following up on that motivation.  

Purchase Readiness

You may not promptly consider someone ready to make a purchase, who is just browsing social media. 75% of the people act upon advertisements they see on social media platforms. 

By generating shoppable posts, your business or eCommerce brand can acquire the benefit of this purchase readiness. While creating these posts, you give your shoppers a place to go to discover and buy the products and services they require.

Storytelling for Selling

In the digital era, stories are a solid and substantial marketing tool for every eCommerce brand. You can tell a story to your customers with the support of shoppable content. This helps the customers in remembering your product up to 22% with respect to that you would have presented it with facts.

eCommerce brands can link their product or services with a storyline taking the help of these story-based environments. With storytelling, they can superficially set their product or services in the environment. Using shoppable content they can easily engage and fascinate their audiences. 

More Data Gathering

Acquiring more and more data can influence digital marketing decisions. You can make better and sound marketing choices for your business if you have more data. 

You can assemble the information and utilize it for creating a far away superior social media post. By using the father data you can either advise your digital marketing endeavors.

Undisputed Marketing

These days, shoppers will in general trust validness and depend on the user-generated content for marketing their products online over other content. To do so as such, you can construct a more dependable shopping environment by incorporating all applicable user-generated content posts with shoppable tags to set up shoppable content. 

This will help you in acquiring a realistic picture of the products, how people are using it, and its delightful details and reviews. This, in turn, can help in building brand promotion along with sales.  

Bridge the Gap Between Brand and Consumers

This content makes an immediate transaction between your eCommerce brand and consumers. The days are gone when retailers appeared as though they would never be reached or were excessively high up for the clients to reach. 

You get a chance to know your customers better by using the shoppable content. You get to know about them in a better way such as their likes, dislikes, what makes them keep looking over, and what they are obsessed with.

24×7 Shoppable Content Availability

When the content turns out to be shoppable, it becomes the new mall. The mall can be adequately obtained by everyone and anywhere. There are millions of products in stock in the mall and also it is open 24×7. 

With the advancement in shoppable technologies, retail desires are resetting. Therefore making the revolution of “See it, Click it, Buy it” in full swing. 

The Takeaway

eCommerce was simply used to be online in the past. However, in the present, it has completely become a competitive field where brands are using this platform for beneficial content marketing.

The eCommerce scene is rapidly transformed with shoppable content. Consumers always wish for superior and easy online experiences. With the shoppable content, your brand can leverage the power of social media in enhancing brand awareness and engagement.

Anne Griffin
Anne Griffin
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