How can property styling boost my sale price?

There’s a new buzzword floating around the real estate industry at the moment – property styling. Brisbane residents selling their homes are catching on to the amazing benefit property styling has on a sales campaign. The Australian reported on property styling (or ‘home staging’) saying it gives property sales an edge. One interior stylist estimated it adds anywhere from $15,000 up to a sale price.

What is property styling or home staging?

Property styling, otherwise known as home staging, is a method of preparing your home for sale by enhancing the best assets and features of a home and minimising the less appealing areas. Property styling helps to emphasise the potential of a space and help buyers imagine themselves living in the property. Don’t be confused between property styling and furniture hire though, there is a difference.

Why opt for property styling in Brisbane?

Selena Corness of Universal Buying Agents told that she estimated that in Brisbane’s inner-city suburbs, up to half of the homes on the market are staged. Why? Because even though there is a significant initial outlay, it’s a small price to pay for 200% to 500% return on investment and to avoid your property sitting on the market for months.

How can property styling boost my sale price and sell my property quicker?

The trick with home staging is that it plays to a buyers emotions. Buying a property is one of the biggest emotional purchases one can ever make and so it’s essential that a home ticks all of those emotional boxes. Buyers want to picture themselves in a home, imagine themselves enjoying the sunlight in a lounge room or cooking with their family in the kitchen.

Buyers want to be able to quickly and easily know what a room is used for without having to question it. They also want to see the best use of space; it’s amazing how the layout of a room or the furniture used can change the perception of size. And we mustn’t forget the photos. A styled property provides amazing photo opportunities, the photographs play a huge part in getting potential buyers to a property.

How much does it cost for property styling in Brisbane?

Property styling is not cheap but cheap property styling is not good. As a general rule of thumb, house staging Brisbane costs vary anywhere between 0.5% to 1.5% of the property value, remembering the above mentioned ROI. Property styling costs can also vary depending on the property value, location, the size of the rooms and client requirements – there is no “one price fits all”.

Can I use my own furniture?

Yes, you can use your own furniture as part of a partial styling service but we recommend only using furniture that we can work into our design and style. If your property is fully vacant, we do not use the owner’s furniture.

Do I get to pick the style and furniture I like?

As a professional property stylist, people hire us because they trust our design knowledge and expertise. We know exactly what style of furniture and décor will work in different types of homes based on demographics, design trends and potential buyer interests.

How long is the property styling for?

Generally, home staging runs for six weeks or unless you sell the property before this period. One day is allowed for styling and photography and five weeks are allocated for the sales campaign. It is extremely rare that this time period needs extending, styled properties tend to sell fast.

Does my whole house get styled?

You can opt for full or partial styling of your home, this is usually advised by the property stylist after having the first consultation. You may already have bedrooms that are perfectly styled for sale, it’s just the living areas that require a makeover.

What is the property styling process?

Consultation – Firstly the property stylist will meet with you to discuss your requirements and assess the property. After this first consultation, a quote will be provided. This quote usually includes everything from delivery and insurance to styling and collection.

Installation – Once you accept the quote, an installation date will be arranged on a date convenient for you and your real estate agent. The items are delivered, installed and set-up in one day. The property stylist will spruce everything to ensure amazing photographs before the photographer arrives.

Removal – After the hire period is finished or the property is sold, the stylist team will come to collect the furnishings at a day and time arranged with you, leaving the property as they found it.  You don’t have to do any of the furniture installation or removal.

Melanie Grace
Melanie Grace
Melanie Grace is an Interior Stylist and the creator of Grace & Co. Property Styling in Brisbane. Grace & Co. works with reputable Brisbane real estate agencies to transform houses going under the hammer into every buyer’s dream.
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