Is NFC a worthy marketing technology for your business?

What is marketing?

Marketing is a vast array of procedures that lead towards better performance of any venture. It is a terminology that never gets old in terms of business. Every day a professional works harder to bring better revisions to its definition. Nonetheless, it will continuously remain the base of a thriving industry, either manual or virtual. The standards of the latest technology are meeting 5G and artificial intelligence with futuristic inventions. Henceforth, marketing excessively is evolving into different types. While trendsetting ventures are proposing new ways of social media marketing and digital marketing; NFC marketing is also in utilisation by various industries for promotion and quicker advertisement.

What is NFC?

The Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is a different version of the standard RFID technology. It is an invention that allows NFC-enabled devices to communicate with each other right after a single tap. You do not have to launch any app for this type of communication. It is a built-in skill among the latest gadgets that supports data transfer between two devices.

Electronics other than smartphones too can communicate through this technology, for example, tablets, smart posters, smart cards, smart signage, and much more. Nonetheless, it is essential to comprehend the working of NFC for understanding NFC marketing.

How does NFC technology operate?

The process of NFC technology involves no rocket science. If you launch a smart poster or smart sign for your product, users with NFC-enabled devices will easily access the details through a tap. Every single NFC sticker or tag comes with a URL tied to it. This URL can be ready by any technology-enabled device that taps to it through the cloud server. It resembles the procedure of QR codes at times. Nevertheless, NFC is independent of viewfinders and works without an app.

This method is cloud-based henceforth; you do not worry about configuration problems. Due to this reason, the application of Near Field Communication is preferable over Wi-Fi. Betterments than previous technologies help NFC to step in the marketing industry as well.

What is NFC marketing?

Near Field Communication (NFC) marketing is a promotional way for improving connection among objects within a small distance. Retailers have switched to smart promotional ways that engage customers more likely than before. Henceforth, NFC advertisement is the right approach for consumers who believe in saving time.

If you market your product through NFC tags, you allow your buyer to check on customer reviews by a single tap. Of course, it is a healthy approach because anyone will appreciate the details of an item displaying on their smart screens through tapping. There is much more that comes with NFC marketing. With proper strategies, it can be beneficial for every vendor in the industry.

NFC marketing technology bluetooth pairing
Photo: Burst, Pexels.

How can business owners and marketers benefit from NFC marketing?

Several ways can help retailers and entrepreneurs to take advantage of NFC marketing. Some of the technology-driven ways are:

Driving maximum traffic

One of the essential goals of an eCommerce business is the generation of maximum traffic. With the NFC marketing practice, you get the most probable chance to drive customers quickly.

  1. Make sure to have a self-engaging advertisement that can attract visitors. Subways and bus stands are the best spots for placing smart posters and smart signs with product promotions. Add an agreeable detail to the sticker like videos, discounts, and nearby stores for ensuring a tap.
  2. Smart business cards are an advancing and satisfactory approach. If your card transfers its information to the user’s smartphone with a tap, surely you will get more visits every day.

Capturing more engagements during peak hours

Bringing consumers to the venture digital or manual, in specific hours is diligent. If you can have maximum visits during the peak hours, then surely your marketing approaches are appropriate.

  1. Fill up your products, complete details into the NFC tags. Best customer reviews on products in a flash sale will surely bring in purchasers quickly. It can also add to better reviews of your products.
  2. Adding more information about a product available online can be helpful. If a customer learns more about a food item and its recipes or an electronic tool and its warranty deals, then surely you can attain maximum purchases a day.
  3. Tying your buyers to a loyalty program at checkout is a positive step. Make sure your visitors start earning points soon after checking out. It will increase the number of visits to your venture.
  4. Design trial rooms with this smart technology and let buyers select their trial dresses through a single tap. Soon after your visitor taps onto the clothing, let them go through its details and decide a colour for trial. Make sure you arrange the attire for your customer before they arrive.
  5. In the case of antique products, fill up NFC tags with ancient details. It will admire tourists and assist them in deciding to keep the artefact or not.

Moderating payment procedures

NFC supports Google Pay Send and Apple Wallet. You can let your buyers engage in quicker payments through these tags. Adding this information to smart boards and smart signage will allow your customer to know about the easy clearance process.

Where to apply tags for NFC marketing?

Popular spots will help your visitors find NFC tags easily without much of strategies. These attract more users and comprise of the following:

  • Display windows of stores
  • Billboards on buildings and traffic signals
  • Brochures and business contact cards
  • Signs for real estate sales
  • Labels of shopping products
  • Packaging of food supplements
  • Tickets and event vouchers

NFC marketing for business or not?

Marketing at times is an endless checklist of advertisements. You may consider every approach sufficient for promotions. However, NFC technology is emerging and applicable for agreeable reasons. Therefore, prioritising this strategy can meet standardised results quickly.

Shane Radcliffe
Shane Radcliffe
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