How to build a profitable mobile app that helps you to grow your business?

The Smartphone is an irreplaceable medium for accessing information and doing business online.

Want Proof!!! Almost 3 billion people around the world use smartphones averaging 2 hours daily and accessing almost 30 apps per month. With almost two-thirds of the global internet users are mobile owners all the large public and private organizations are heavily relying upon mobile platforms. Thus to engage more customers and boost revenue it is highly recommended for business owners to invest in the mobile application. Retail giants such as Amazon and WALMART are making almost more than half of daily sales from mobile platforms. Statistics reveal that applications are going to generate a whopping $189 billion in revenue.  Still, it is not easy for businesses to develop and deploy profitable applications.

The rise of technologies and the spread of the internet have made mobile applications immensely popular among all the daily internet users. A better understanding of the way people are interacting with your mobile applications can make all the difference. Want to digitalize your business through profitable mobile platforms.

Do not worry!!!  The article is dedicated to helping you grow your business and provides simple steps for profitable mobile app development services.

What things must always be kept in mind?

The behavior of the customer and the user experience are the two most important things that can impact the success of any mobile application. The following section provides steps to create more profits for your digital enterprise mobile application platform.

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Try to keep user experience simple and accessible to all

Simple mobile applications mean more happy and satisfied users. Making it highly accessible will enable even inexperienced users to buy your products and access your services. Keeping things straight and friendly will attract more audiences and will increase the conversion rates thus boosting your daily mobile sales. The majority of the giant online retailers such as Amazon and WALMART have invested much of their efforts to keep things user-friendly and as simple as possible.

Always Study your target audience

A very good understanding of your client’s behavior and expectations is necessary to succeed in any form of business. Designing your application according to the requirements of your clients will be the first ladder towards success. Use advanced tools such as artificial intelligence and data analytics to find out the features that are most liked or disliked by the customers. During development and deployment of mobile application always remember that customer is the king and always adopt a customer-centric approach. Large organizations such as Google and Facebook spend billions of dollars to study the behavior of their valued customers.

Be selective and precise in your approach

You need not create your application by keeping every individual in mind. Select your target group and put in all your efforts to make their experience worthwhile. Never try to generalize your app.  Instead, analyze the taste of your potential customers and direct things accordingly to get the best of the results. Selective Strategy is very well researched upon and has brought extraordinary results in the case of many business mobile applications and platforms.

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Pay attention to customer feedbacks

The feedbacks of the customers must be considered holy scripts of success by all the business owners. Customer response and service must be taken seriously and appropriate steps must be taken to incorporate the betterments. Nowadays business owners are formulating digital strategies for strengthening their customer services. Try to invest in smart tools such as AI-powered Chatbot to make your mobile platform easily accessible and more responsive.

Research upon the work of your competitors

Market competitors are generally the best of friends for providing us an opportunity to grow faster. You must research the type of applications already existent in the market and study its most popular features. Check for some correlations and uniqueness among all the prevalent ideas regularly and plan out accordingly. Almost all the giant corporate research upon their competitor’s mobile application platforms and services to derive beneficial insights. Some of the best examples are competing for mobile taxies services such as UBER and OLA and the food delivery startups such as Zomato and Swiggy.

Discuss your requirements and look out for expertise

Try to focus on what you want in your application and eliminate all the excessive features. Discuss all the requirements with the stakeholders and prepare a layout of what features are necessary to be included and whatnot. Many firms try to incorporate everything from their website into the application which is often a very misguided practice. Find experienced solution partners that can deliver according to your expectations or you can even hire your development team. Popular businesses such as Facebook have made separate platforms for browsing and messaging thus making things easier for the users.

Improvement is the key to success in the mobile industry

You are required to monitor and work upon your app daily to ensure considerable profits for your running business. Especially for the retail and logistics industries, businesses need to be competitive towards daily changes. Most popular application-based businesses such as UBER are very well known for their exceptional dedication towards user experience and satisfaction. They hire the best of engineers and managers to create agile features such as payments, locations, ratings, and notifications. Thus to make some real money, you need to be very attentive to minute details and must always strive towards betterment.

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Be prepared to learn and incorporate new things

Inheriting an adaptive approach towards change might just be the thing that differentiates winners from losers. Always hire those people who are willing to learn new tools and technologies available in the market. There is plenty of knowledge available online through services such as Udacity and YouTube. Almost all the successful application companies invest in the latest tools and technologies such as Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning to remain competitive. You are required to always remain prepared for the incorporation of any new concept to face fluctuations in the global market and economies.

Collaborate properly and keep motivating your team

You are requested to use advanced collaboration tools such as Slack and Skype to always stay connected and create a dynamic workplace environment. Try to hold timely group sessions to discuss various challenges faced and their prospective solutions to be deployed. Inviting successful people to motivate your team can turn around your fortune tables. Remember innovation is the key to success in the digital enterprise world. Always reach out to experts to discuss innovative solutions and strategies that can solve your problems and boost your daily sales.

Rightfully invest in digital business architecture

Consult a proven advisor before investing in your digital business architecture. Meet your team to deduce the right mix of digital technologies particularly suitable for your mobile application platform. Select the right platform for your business application of which the most popular is the android and the IOS. Invest sincerely upon smart digital marketing and project management strategies to achieve the best of the results.  Focus spending on something that you need at the moment and spend the rest of the amount of branding and advertising the product.

Why should I go for mobile applications?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you develop a mobile application for your business because of the very fact that users spent 90% of their time on apps. People love to use applications over websites because they are more convenient and faster to access. The urban dwellers love to use mobile for tasks such as surfing, messaging, socializing and shopping that too daily. You can sell your products or services as well as gain the attention of potential clients by making a mobile platform for your enterprise. Shopping has never been easier and simple since ages after the rise of online digital mobile platforms such as Amazon, WALMART and Zomato, etc. People rely upon applications such as UBER and OLA for daily transport and logistics. Messaging, Job searching, Hiring, Socializing, Calling and Management all have taken a route encompassing digital mobile applications. Businesses such as YouTube and Netflix are more popular on mobile platforms and are creating thousands of livelihoods. If you want your business to blossom online than investing upon a fair mobile platform strategy is a must to do a thing.


You are certainly going to face the dilemma of whether keeping your app free or as a paid service. The majority of the apps such as 90% of the apps on Apple App Store are free and the same is the scenario for android. Well, it completely depends upon your market position and future aspirations. If you have a unique proposition to offer that depends upon the quality of service than charging the customers can work fine for you. But if you are supposed in a retail business with loads of competitors than you must make it free to win the loyalty of the customers first. Hence the first motive must be to win the trust of the customers and establish a popular brand. After that money will automatically follow as there are various ways to make money such as ads and in-app purchases.

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Shivam Chaudhary
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