The best reasons to get a house repainted

Painting the exterior of a home will provide a number of benefits. If viewed as an investment to help provide both beautification and increase the longevity of a home, then contracting a house painter will help ensure that the house stays in tiptop shape.

There are a number of reasons to get a house repainted, and these include:

Prevention of wood rotting

Old houses are susceptible to wood rot, and this can be costly to extract and replace. External damage to cladding on a house can lead to weather leaks going into the building, causing extensive structural problems and eventually leading to a building having to be condemned if not taken care of.

By ensuring that the external cladding of a residence is painted, this prevents wood rot from setting in. Any existing damaged components can be inspected, removed if necessary and maintenance or replacement enacted.

Painting provides protection to wooden surfaces, and ensures that the investment a person makes in a home is preserved. A bank that has a mortgage over a property may also have the requirement that it is maintained in proper condition, including having the exterior paint finish in good quality.

Increase in the value of a home

If a home is undergoing a valuation, or about to be put onto the market, or to be leased to renters, then it will be able to have more financial value appended to it. A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of a home will improve its appearance, particularly if previously the paint was worn, chipped and in a dated colour.

A new coat of paint applied by a professional house painter will update the look of the house, and improve its aesthetic appeal. The maintenance of a front garden, and clean and tidy exterior pain work can increase the value of a home by thousands of dollars.

Outsourcing the painting of a house to a contractor will ensure peace of mind for household residents, potential tenants, or vendors and buyers.

Prevents illness from mildew

If the exterior of a house needs repainting, and there are chips and damage to the coating of the outside of a house, mildew can set into the interiors, causing illness, allergic reactions and respiratory diseases to the residents in the household.

If a landlord fails to ensure that the exterior of the house is in good condition, and the tenants become ill as a result of it, then the landlord can be liable for damages and compensation as a result of the lack of maintenance on the house and the residents’ subsequent medical costs.

Mildew once it sets into the interior of a house is difficult to remove, and so painting the outside will ensure that it is prevented from entering.

Reduction in cooling costs

If a house is in a warm climate, and the exterior of the home is painted in an old, tired mission brown type 1970s colour, it could be unnecessarily be adding to the cooling bills in the house.

Light colours reflect the heat, so a house that is surrounded by tall trees and painted in light reflective colours will save a lot of costs in cooling in the warmer months and in houses in warmer climates.

A small investment in exterior paint in a fashionable lighter colour will not only make the home more pleasant to be in during warmer times, but the savings overall by reducing electricity and cooling costs will soon be recouped from the expenditure on the exterior painting.

Lighter colours are also more pleasant, and make the exterior of a house appear larger.

Prevention of termites and bugs

Termites are more attracted to permeable surfaces, and wood that is exposed is like a magnet to pests. Ensuring that a house is coated in paint and all surfaces are protected means that a residence is resistant to being invaded by termites.

These pests cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to houses and regularly inspecting paintwork, and having new paint maintained, helps prevent structural damage to houses.

Painting a house is an affordable measure in improving its value, maintaining it and ensuring that it stays in good condition.

A new coat of paint over a residence can help prevent pests, stop the invasion of mildew and reduce the likelihood of structural damage occurring from wood rot and other paint maintenance related problems.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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