5 renovations that will help you sell your home fast

When it comes to selling a property, your impression is all that counts. Improving your home is essential if you want your house to be more attractive to buyers. When you are preparing to sell your home, you should think of various key issues.

One among them is; what you would expect as a home buyer. According to Marilou Young, an accredited staging professional, you need to put on the buyer’s hat and walk through your home as if it is your first time.

You can use a notebook to note down what you notice, what you like and what you do not like. From the list, you can then start renovating your home for sale by changing what you do not like to what you like.

Whichever way, there are some key factors that are a must to consider when preparing your house for a sale. These factors include:

  • The outdoors
  • Interior decoration
  • The garage door
  • Clutter and smell
  • Home organisation

Reorganise the outdoors

First impressions matter. When the buyer steps into your garden, they should be ready to sign the check, even before they step inside the house. If anything, the first ten seconds matter a lot as to whether the buyer is going to buy or not.

One way to make your outdoors ready for the big sell is to remove all the outgrown shrubs and replace them with flowers and freshly mowed grass and some young trees.

Adding a fresh breath to the outdoors includes cleaning and resurfacing pavements, clearing of bushy regions and repair to the outdoor lighting system. You need to make sure everything looks perfect from the onset.

Interior decoration

The aspect of interior decoration does not even need mentioning. While the outdoors will play a huge part in giving the first impression, it is mostly what is inside that the buyers are focused on.

When dealing with female buyers, the color and taste of the house interiors matter more than anything else. Since you cannot predict the preferences of your buyer, it is advisable to keep the decor simple.

You can add a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and revamp the wall with some artwork. Avoid too many colors when decorating your home for sale. Let there be sufficient lighting in the home by ensuring that the windows are open and the walls reflect some bright colors.

A very important aspect of interior decor is furniture. Get rid of any tired furniture and keep the available ones perfectly cleaned.

The garage door

home for sale
Your garage door can add a lot of value to your home. Photo: Paha_L, Bigstock

Your garage door speaks more about your home than you can imagine. It is one of the first things that the buyer uses to gauge the value of your home. An authentic garage door that has been refurbished will help you land a buyer more easily.

In essence, it is recommended that you install a whole new modern garage door design when setting your home up for sale. You need to look at your door design and conceptualise what it speaks.

According to Evenglide Garage Doors, a garage door should contain both the aspects of form, texture, and context. It should be related to your home, and exteriors in an aesthetical way.

Get rid of clutter

An important step should actually be cleaning the home. When you are cleaning for a sale, you do not do your regular home cleaning. This is the time you need to get the services of professional cleaners.

Cleaning in this sense is more than just scrubbing the floors with water. Cleaning for sale involves dispensing off everything that is not of use. Get rid off all the clutter such as useless kids toys, shoes, dirty containers and all the useless garbage in your garage.

The point of cleaning is to ensure that every inch of the house has added value. You should be able to get rid of any smell such as cat spray and garbage smell from all corners of the house. The cleaning should equally be applied to the outdoors.

Organise your personal things

Organisation makes everything look perfect. Have a good organisation starting from the living room to the kitchen and even to your closet. Have a properly organised space for everything in your home.

Avoid throwing your clothes and shoes all over. Get all the useless clothes from under the bed and have them well washed and organised in your closet.

The business of selling your home is all about impression. You need to let the buyer know that your home is better than all the others they may view.

To ensure that you make a mark on buyers, you have to implement all these factors and go an extra mile in other aspects of your home.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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