Healthy ways to unwind after a long work week

After a stressful work week, there’s nothing that people want more than to get home and unwind. It’s important that the stresses of work don’t follow you back home and ruin your entire day. This is why you want to unwind and forget about these things. It’s not that difficult of a task if you know how to get creative. That is why we gathered here some healthy ways to unwind for you.

Create a special retreat

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had a room all to yourself, where you could let all your troubles disappear? Everyone has thought of this idea at least once. Turns out, there is some merit to men’s idea of a “man cave”. Having a special room just for unwinding and relaxing can do wonders for your state of mind. 

Some people like to dedicate their special space for exercising and working on their bodies. Others use it as a fantasy getaway to read books, watch movies, or play videogames. This is why you’ll often see entertainment systems in these types of home retreats.

Your mind will associate most of the rooms in your home with stress, but not this one. Reserve it for when you want to be especially relaxed, or when you have friends over. This will help you reach a calm state of mind whenever you enter the room.

Paint till your heart’s delight

They say that a photograph says a thousand words. Imagine how many words a custom painting can say. Painting does say a lot about you, even if you aren’t particularly good. It can reflect how stressed our tired you feel, just from the strokes of your brush.

At the same time, painting also allows you to relieve yourself of those negative feelings. Imagine that the canvas is a stress ball that you use to take your emotions out on. Painting will easily help you relax and avoid thinking about your workday. 

Become your own master chef

Cooking a special meal for yourself can be one of the most rewarding experiences. You get to prepare your favorite food the way you like it, which means it’s going to be just to your taste. Even if you’re not the greatest chef in the world, or even in your own home, cooking yourself a meal will feel special.

Cooking helps reduce stress by tapping into a different part of your brain: the creative side. When you put on the apron and start cooking yourself up to something nice, you’re also making a piece of art. This makes it feel more meaningful. Even if you only decide to make some simple pasta, it’s going to help relax you quite a bit.

Healthy ways to unwind after a long work week
Photo: Danielsampaioneto, Pixabay.

Get your groove on

There’s no art quite like music. A good melody can invoke some powerful emotions and a catchy tune can leave you moving for hours. Everyone has their favorite genre or artist that they like listening to. Unwinding with some music can put you in a good mood within ten seconds flat. Put your speakers to the test and blast your favorite album while lounging around and get lost in the emotional atmosphere.

If you’re the type of person that prefers something energetic, why not leave your shoes at the door and get your groove on? There’s no better way to relieve stress than to cut a rug on your living room floor. If you’re a bit too shy to have someone walk in on your dancing, might as well do it in your room. Even a garage is an option. Keep in mind, since dancing is an art, there’s no such thing as objectively “bad” dancing. You can let loose and enjoy yourself as much as you please within the confines of your own home.

Get your blood pumping

You might think that getting worked up wouldn’t do much for your relaxation, but think again. Physical activity is one of the best ways to reach a relaxed state of mind. Working out releases hormones called endorphins, which give you a euphoric feeling and help put you in the mood for resting. This is why finishing a workout feels so satisfying, even if you felt stressed while doing it.

Spending time outside is another great way to get your mind off of things, so why not combine it with a good workout. Feel the breeze go through your hair as you zoom through your city parks on a bicycle. Better yet, find yourself a quality road bicycle online and visit a nearby small town. You get to explore some nature during the ride and get away from the big city. Breezing through the countryside might be the most relaxing way to unwind, and it gives you a wonderful workout to boot!

Go AWOL for a bit

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little time for yourself. In today’s interconnected world, you’re never actually by yourself. With the use of your smartphone or desktop, you can communicate with friends that are half a world away within seconds. This can put you in a situation where you don’t have any time for yourself. A bit of radio silence can go a long way for your relaxation.

Some individuals prefer to have an hour of their day where they effectively go AWOL. This means no internet access and no communication through text messaging. It’s nice to disconnect every once in a while because it allows you to get some time for yourself.

Alternatively, you could dedicate a day of the week where you are on your own. Stay inside and work or enjoy your favorite hobbies without outside interference. This way, you’ll be able to better cherish communication once you get back online.


It’s important for people to unwind after a busy workday. Getting proper rest and relaxation will refresh you and prepare you for the challenges of next week. You have to know how to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for yourself if you want to properly unwind. Take a hint from some of these examples and you’ll have a very relaxing end of the workweek every single week. 


Lena Hemsworth
Lena Hemsworth
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