How to get braces in the Hawkesbury region

We all wish that braces weren’t necessary; however, the simple fact of the matter is straightening crooked teeth is not just about improving your visual appearance. In fact, getting corrective braces treatment is very important in terms of improving your long-term oral health. Organising your braces treatment can be quite an expensive endeavour, so it’s only natural that you would want to get one of the best dental firms in your area to be handling your orthodontic needs. If you’re somewhat daunted by the prospect of getting braces, do not be alarmed. It is a very common orthodontic procedure and a proven, highly successful method of teeth straightening.

You can get braces in the Hawkesbury region from these dental clinics:

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1 Hawkesbury Family Dental
2 Dentessential
3 Smilexcellence

Preparing for your braces

Imagine you have received the news that you need braces. Granted, it’s not an overly positive thing to hear, however, it is something you should be excited about. Now you have the chance to get the perfect, straight smile you always wanted!

Naturally, you’ll want to just get your braces fitted quickly; however, you do certainly need to prepare your teeth for braces treatment. The first thing to do is get in touch with a local dentist in your area, who can either refer you to a specialist orthodontist or handle your orthodontic needs for you.

Regardless, your orthodontist will perform a clinical exam of your mouth, teeth and gums. He/she will take a series of x-rays of your teeth and gums, along with photographs of your mouth. They’ll also take a plaster model of your teeth, so they can formulate a strategy that will work best with your teeth.

The process

Installing the braces on your teeth is a relatively long process, taking somewhere between 1 and 2 hours. Typically, your orthodontist will begin by cleaning and drying your teeth to ensure that nothing is left on your teeth when the brackets are glued onto the enamel.

Firstly, your orthodontist will apply an adhesive substance to your teeth, so the brackets will remain glued and hopefully not break off at any stage during the treatment. The brackets will need to be left for a few minutes to settle and harden on your teeth. Once this has happened, your dentist will begin feeding a wire through the brackets. This wire is designed to straighten your teeth (either by bringing them closer together or pushing them further apart (if crowding).

Installing the elastics

Depending on your orthodontist’s chosen strategy, you may not need to have elastics installed on your braces. He/she might decide to include elastics at a later date or not at all. Typically, elastics are used to correct an over-bite or under-bite, which may not be applicable to your teeth if there are no issues with your bite.

Is it uncomfortable?

The entire process of having your braces installed isn’t painful, however, it can be uncomfortable, especially if you are someone who hates going to the dentist. Sitting in a dentist’s chair for over an hour isn’t fun in anyone’s mind.

Likewise, you might feel some discomfort shortly after having your braces installed. It will take a while for your tongue and cheeks to adjust to the metal rubbing against them. You’ll also notice some slight pain or aching in your teeth as they begin to move and shift. They’ll also be quite sensitive for those first few days and weeks, so be prepared to be eating softer foods (like soups and soft noodles) for a while.

How to get braces in the Hawkesbury region
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Maintaining your braces

Every 4-6 weeks, you’ll have to re-visit your dentist or orthodontist to have your braces readjusted and tightened. This is also so your dentist can monitor your progress and development. However, when it comes to maintaining your braces, the onus isn’t entirely on your dentist. Indeed, it’s very important that you do everything you can to take care of your braces in order to get the best results.

Brushing and flossing

Brushing and flossing can be more difficult with braces on; however, that isn’t an excuse to become lazy and negligent. It’s easier to get food particles caught in between your teeth when you have braces, which can increase your chances of developing tooth decay.

There are special toothbrushes designed to be used by people with braces. When it comes to flossing, it’s important to use waxed dental floss to prevent the floss from getting stuck between your teeth. Use a poxabrush to help clean those areas that are very hard to reach because of the brackets and wire. Aim to brush for at least 2 minutes a day and ensure that you are flossing daily!

Dietary changes

One of the drawbacks of getting braces is the fact that you may have to alter your diet slightly. Try to avoid foods that are full of sugar, since you don’t want a whole heap of sugar on your teeth, leading to more plaque build-up. Chewy lollies, hard fruits (i.e. apples) and tough meats (like steak) should be avoided, since there is a good chance that they could break the wire or one of the brackets when chewing those foods.

Fixing issues

If one of your brackets breaks or the wire becomes noticeably loose, just call up your orthodontist and they’ll be able to make up a quick appointment for you to get it fixed and sorted. Don’t just leave it until your next appointment to get it sorted, since it could be over a month before you see your dentist again. Also, if you find the discomfort of your braces rubbing against the inside of your check too unbearable, consider placing wax on the outside of the brackets to create a barrier. This will minimise the occurrence of further pain and ulcers.


So, if you are thinking of getting braces for your teeth, make sure you get in touch with a reliable dentist in your local area today! Investing in good quality braces is certainly worthwhile, since you can’t put a price on a happy, straight and beautiful smile.

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