Several health concerns about US senator John McCain

Insiders of the United States Senate have reported to news outlets that they have been worried about Sen. John McCain’s health for sometimes. These reports follow the break the Arizona Republican senator took after dealing with side effects of the treatment of brain cancer.

Most remembered internationally as the Republican candidate who ran against Barrack Obama in 2008, McCain has been increasingly described as looking frail in recent GOP meetings. Even before his absence for cancer related treatment, fellow Republicans claimed he was not politically active in the same way they were used to.

A source claimed that McCain used to be one of the most vocal in GOP meetings but has strangely been growing in silence over the years. Most likely a side effect of cancer treatment, McCain’s increase in fatigue and lack of participation was a source of concern for his GOP fellows.

Senator for South Carolina, Lindsey Graham reported speaking to Cindy McCain about the health of her husband. Sen Graham is considered one of McCain’s closest friends in the US Senate.

Sen. Graham reported that McCain has undergone extensive treatment for his cancer and that an unfortunate side effect of that was a lowering in his energy. He went on to say that he believed this rest was temporary and the McCain would return to his old self to continue to serve for many more years.

Sen Graham went on to indirectly reassure McCain that it was “OK” for him to take some time off and rest. He hopes that McCain will use the rest time to rehabilitate his leg and get back to participating in the senate.

McCain was required to wear a walking boot last month after suffering a small tear in his Achilles tendon.

A major tax reform bill due to be voted on in the senate is said to be “flexible” in its timing so as to allow absent senators like McCain a chance to vote on them.

The 81-year-old McCain has gone through 5 months of brain cancer treatment. He was diagnosed with the cancer in July which was a form of brain tumour. He had surgery to threat a blood clot that was related to the tumour. A medical result identified brain cancer cells related with the tumour.

McCain has a famous reputation in the US senate as being a sincere and defiant politician. He has been a nuisance to President Donald Trump as a Republican senator who routinely opposes him.

On returning from his brain cancer treatment Sen. McCain cast his thumbs down vote on the repeal of Obamacare. This is part of what prompted President Trump to question McCain’s status as a war hero as he stated he preferred “the ones that weren’t captured”.

Sen. McCain was a US Navy pilot who was captured in the Vietnam War and spent 5 years in a notorious North Vietnamese prison camp. He spent 2 of those years in solitary confinement also being tortured.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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