Get your confidence back with a perfect smile

When you look at pictures of celebrities in magazines, they all have one thing in common. It isn’t about the million dollar pay packet; it’s a set of perfectly straight teeth!

Braces don’t have to be metal and bulky, now you can subtly get the straight teeth you have always wanted with the help of Invisalign. Having a nice smile goes a long way in helping you to look and feel more confident, and here are a few reasons why:

You will look better in photographs

Having straight teeth will make you feel more confident when having your photo taken. These days, everyone has a camera on their phone and any photos often end up straight on social media.

When you avoid the camera just because you don’t like your smile, you could be missing out on recording those special moments in your life. One day, you will appreciate being able to look back at your precious memories which have been captured forever. Just imagine being able to smile or laugh without worrying about your best angle!

You will feel more assertive at work

If you are constantly hiding your mouth behind your hand, it can give the impression that you are shy. This isn’t the best good look when you are in the workplace and dealing with customers. A lack of confidence could also prevent you from seeking a promotion.

If you feel embarrassed by your teeth you may be avoiding important career opportunities or public speaking. Straight teeth will give you the confidence to be assertive, and get noticed at work.

Your teeth will be healthier

Straight teeth are often healthier than misaligned teeth. When everything is aligned correctly your teeth will be easier to care for. Your gums will be healthier and your chance of getting tooth decay will be minimised.

When you can care for your teeth correctly without any crossing over, you will have fresher breath. Remember, a healthy smile is a confident smile!

Your mouth may be able to function properly

Many people find when they go through orthodontic treatment for their teeth, their speech improves as a result. You may even notice it is easier to chew your food when your alignment is in the correct position.

Having a more functional smile can greatly increase your confidence and make your mouth feel more comfortable. You will feel more confident eating out at restaurants and speaking on the phone. Having straight teeth is not always just about aesthetics; function is something else which can be significantly improved.

You will feel more positive about meeting new people

When you feel self-conscious about your smile, it can make it difficult to make new friends. You might stick to the group you already have and miss out on creating new social networks.

You could feel nervous and appear to be disinterested in the conversation.  Straight teeth can help you feel better about introducing yourself, and getting to know people you otherwise wouldn’t have.

You will be more comfortable dating

If you are afraid to put yourself out there to find your perfect match, it could be the way you feel about your smile which is letting you down. With many people choosing to date online, it all starts with a profile picture. Without a decent photo, you may not get past the first conversation.

A straight smile will help to make you feel more confident setting up your dating profile, and give you the courage to go on a first date. You never know – you might just meet the one (and you will need a beautiful smile for your future wedding day!!)

You will smile more

When you smile, people look at you and see a much more confident and outgoing person! If you go through the process of traditional braces or Invisalign and end up with the teeth you have always wanted – you won’t be able to stop smiling. Smiling is contagious and will make you, and other people around you, happy!

Get the smile you have always wanted

You are never too old to invest in your smile. If you feel as though you are lacking confidence because of your teeth, going through this process could change your life.

Confidence starts from within, and if you look in the mirror and are unhappy with what you see, this will reflect onto others. If this sounds like you, stop putting it off and see what your orthodontist can do for you.

Talia Williamson
Talia Williamson
Talia loves all things fashion and beauty. She has dedicated many years of her life towards this industry and she has first hand experience with the best it has to offer. Contact: [email protected]
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