5 effective oral hygiene methods with braces

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean while having braces can be challenging. Many people undergo orthodontic treatment and cleaning your teeth can be a pain, however, it is incredibly important to see your dentist regularly

It’s easy to clean and whiten teeth using just a toothbrush. However, those with braces need special attention when it comes to dental health. All patients that undergo orthodontic procedures already know how to clean their braces. Those new to this experience often encounter problems because of complacency. 

Contrary to some, braces are for corrective purposes and not simply used for fashion. It is the reason why people should take extra care of their teeth when they have braces on. Written below are some tips on how you can effectively clean and maintain your pearly whites.

Use whitening toothpaste

Brushing your teeth when you have braces on may be difficult and challenging. Using the right kind of toothpaste goes a very long way when you brush your teeth. Look for brands that are approved by the Australian Dental Association. 

Any brand of toothpaste that’s approved by the ADA contains fluoride. Fluoride is essential to dental health as it is the primary mineral that helps whiten the teeth

Some brands of toothpaste have different abrasives such as peroxide and baking soda, which are essential in removing stains from the teeth

These particular products only remove the stains on the surface of the teeth. It won’t change the colour of the entire enamel instantly. Some brands encourage brushing on a regular basis.

Be careful of the abrasives in some brands. Some are too rough and may cause damage instead of properly cleaning your teeth.

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In-office bleaching

In-office bleaching or “chairside bleaching” requires one to two clinic visits. This type of method is where the dentist applies a potent bleaching agent to the teeth. Also, infrared lighting will expose the teeth for faster results.

Bleaching is considered an “after care” treatment for people with braces because the process is only done when the braces are removed.

Floss at least once a day

Make sure to floss your teeth before brushing. Use an orthodontic flosser to make it easier. You have to make sure you floss not only between your teeth and braces but also under each wire. Use waxed floss when cleaning your teeth as it’s much easier to slide through each tooth compared to unwaxed floss.

Watch what you eat

When you have braces on your teeth, it’s essential to be mindful of every food you’re going to eat. You don’t want to have cavity build up when you have your braces.

For the first few days or weeks, it’s good that you create an effective diet plan which include soft foods such as soup, pudding, yogurt, veggies, fruits, seafood, and light crackers. Afterwards, you can start moving on to solid food, eventually progressing on to your regular diet. Be wary of biting down too hard as it can cause pain in some cases.

The ideal braces diet
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Also, there are certain foods that you should avoid eating as it could damage the metal brackets. Bubble gum, popcorn, caramel, hard foods like nuts, and sugary foods such as candies can cause damage to the braces, the teeth, and your gums if consumed regularly in large quantities.

Rinse mouth after eating

It’s common that after you eat you should rinse your mouth as it temporarily becomes acidic. Also, rinse your mouth using water only to take out small food fragments. After eating, you should wait at least thirty minutes before brushing your teeth as enamels soften after you eat so if you brush directly it may damage the coating of your teeth.


Taking care of your metal brackets may give you a hard time, but the result of it always makes you feel satisfied. Consider these tips provided by Markham Dental and tricks to make your teeth healthy as well as your braces. 

If you ever need dental care or whitening services, consult your local dentist or orthodontist for further information. They will always be willing to provide you the services you’re looking for. With or without braces, always take care of your dental health as it’s essential in leading a happy life with a positive smile. 

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