4 up and coming must-see films

Everyone knows about the big blockbuster films arriving this year, whether it be the Avengers films or DC’s next cinematic adaptation of their comics; but if you’re like us, you want something a little different. You want to watch something different this year. You hunger for a little variety.

Here are 4 up and coming films of 2017 that you simply MUST see:

Baby Driver

Okay, this one has just come out, but if you’ve seen the trailer, you know exactly why this is on the list. Released on 21st June, 2017, ‘Baby Driver’ follows a young man named ‘Baby’ (yes that’s his name) who can be described as “enigmatic” among other things.

driving action movie
Baby Driver is a new release packed with action. Photo: Duplass, Pixabay.

He had an accident when he was a child, causing him irreparable damage to his ears, so naturally, he becomes a getaway driver for robbers. Not much more can be said about the plot without possibly spoiling parts of the film, so you be the judge!

Directed by Edgar Wright, the trailer alone shows his signature cinematic style, fast paced and fluid action can be expected from this film, if his previous work serves as an example. ‘Baby Driver’ is likely already in your local cinema, so what are you waiting for? Check it out before it drives right off the big screen! Rated MA


Every reader who is a fan of horror has definitely had their heart skip a beat at the news that this masterpiece will be released this year. The remake of Stephen King’s classic ‘IT’, originally released in 1990, this fresh, beautifully filmed piece will be jumping both onto the big screen this year and into your nightmares as the terrifying Pennywise.

watching horror movie
IT has everyone talking, so you obviously need to check out what all the hype is about. Photo: Stockasso, Bigstock.

The story revolves around a town, which has had children frequently disappearing for centuries, having been taken by the evil Pennywise. The neighbourhood kids decide to take it upon themselves to rid the town of the horrors surrounding it.

The director, Andy Muschietti, is known for just one other big horror flick; ‘Mama’ (2013) which terrified its audience. His dark tones and impeccable talent at building suspense will be sure to serve well in this much anticipated Stephen King terror.

If you are feeling brave, ‘IT’ will be released in theatres in September 2017. Remember to take a change of clothes to the theatre with you; because this film will scare you out of your pants. Rated R

The Disaster Artist

Following the creation of Cinema’s greatest flop, ‘The Room’ (2003), ‘The Disaster Artist’ is due to be released in December 2017, directed by and starring James Franco. For any cinephile out there who has watched ‘The Room’ because of its infamous poor quality, and reputation as the “worst movie ever made”, this film is for you.

A satiric take on the behind the scenes on set, this film promises to give everyone an insight (along with quite a few laughs) on why ‘The Room’ is still watched all over the world to this day.

the worst movie of the year
Whether you’re laughing because of it’s humour or tragedy, The Disaster Artist is a must see. Photo: JacobLund, Bigstock.

Following their last comedy, ‘Sausage Party’ (2016), James Franco and Seth Rogan team up again to pay homage to the world’s most loved horrible film. “Why?” you may ask? We have no idea; and THAT is exactly what makes this film so intriguing.

Keep a look out at your local cinema for this one, because whether it follows the path film it revolves around the creation of and is terrible, or it brings to it a new light, you will not want to miss this! Rated R

It Comes at Night

The year of 2017 will see many incredible horrors come to the big screen, and ‘It Comes at Night’, Directed by Trey Edward Shults is going to be one hell of a pit stop. Following, what is obviously the algorithm for horror set by the great Alfred Hitchcock himself, ‘It Comes at Night’ brings the audience into the world of Paul, a father who has taken refuge in a houses residing within a thick forest with his son and wife.

They live a life of fearing the night though manage to maintain it until a desperate young family arrives seeking refuge. The rules are simple. Do not open the door a night.

watching horror movie
It Comes at Night will have you torn between covering your eyes and trying not to miss a moment. Photo: Dean Drobot, Bigstock.

Like any good horror, not too much can be shared about the plot before you see it for yourself, and this film will be something to remember. With its claustrophobic atmosphere and rearing visuals, you will be sure to graze the edge of your seat for the entire ride. Rated R

This year promises many awesome movies, but some of us just thirst for something other than the overly saturated with superhero movies mainstream that is the talk right now. So head in to your local cinema, grab the largest bucket of buttery popcorn you can find and check out these 4 enthralling flicks!

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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