Effective measures to use Chatbots for marketing

Our world is in the midst of a revolution that is driven by technology at large, I mention midst because technology has got a lot more to offer and it is embracing the users’ demand and expanding its vision to another level.

Henceforth, the evolving factor is very prominent letting businesses make the most out of their offered services, where the world has become their canvas to paint their ROI goal on it. On the other hand, the constant evolution of technology has risen the users’ expectations, and let them invest their time in accessing services through the means of technology.

Here, it is worth to mention that our world is getting advanced with the innovative thrills shared through the technology. In this run, none of us ever thought that technology can mimic human behavior and ease down the woes of sales and marketing for a business.

Yes, you got it right I am hinting at one of the most prominent tech pieces, that is none other than Chatbot.

Chatbot Application Development is not just limited to offering assistance to customer care queries, but it can be an inevitable part of your marketing initiatives, enabling customers to push gently towards the sales funnel. 

Let’s dive into different ways in which chatbots can fit into your marketing strategy.

Chatbot & Marketing

Consider a situation where your business interacts with a customer with a simple Hi, or with the name of a customer?

Where do you think more engagement will happen?

Of course in the latter!

This is where chatbots spread its wings and offer PERSONALIZED shopping experience, which users cannot deny off. 

Still not convinced???

Keep scrolling through this post to get more relevant reasons…

1. Chatbot collects customer feedback and data

Data is one of the most valuable assets any business can have, but collecting the relevant data is not an easy task. You would be surprised to know that chatbot brings you an opportunity to collect feedback from your customers, without disturbing them. The approach picked by the chatbot is very soft, which involves introducing questions within the conversation, which further gets analyzed by the chatbot. This collected data gives you sufficient information to get a deeper insight into your users’ wants. You can redefine your marketing strategies on that basis and give your users what they actually need.

2. Larger user-engagement 

A successful business is not just about engaging customers but retaining them for longer. And retention is a hard task to achieve, as your users want something extra and different every time. To make this road easier for you, chatbots come forward and allow your business to engage the users by sending them relevant information at the right time, that help your business to cross-sell your products. Also, the scope of this very technology is not sufficed to just one platform only, therefore it brings a much wider choice to expand the services to a larger user-base. The virtual capacity of this technology holds the potential to reach a wider audience base to be reached out to bigger demographics and enhance the sales to another level.

3. Give a voice to your social channels

Every business has certain expectations and to fulfill this set of expectations, nothing can beat the game, then offering 24*7 support. However, many businesses think that this relentless support can only be given through the web or app portal, but what they fail to understand is that social media is another funnel to kick-start the lead conversion. And with the integration of chatbot, the support given here can be non-stop, giving an answer to users’ queries effortlessly.

4. Nurture your leads 

One of the most troubling aspects for the businesses is to divert visitors to the sales funnel. Being an essential part of your business it is very important to pay attention to this passage that can drive your customers to sales. Here, you can take the benefits from chatbot technology, as it creates a personalized message for the users, that can help them through the buyer’s journey. 

5. Stay alert and proactive

Businesses have a lot many things that run behind the curtain and keep them occupied throughout the day. This leads to many businesses to embrace the passive approach to interact with their customers. This means, the customer only talks with the business and receives the response, which sounds very boring, and doesn’t give a personalized approach to it. But to make this approach a two-way communication, the help of chatbot cannot be given a miss, here chatbots welcome the customer on the very first visit and enhance the brand’s reputation. This gives a feel to the customer that somebody is there who is ready to listen to their woes and offer solutions whenever they need.

6. Share relevant and on-time notifications

To keep your users, staying in TOUCH with your brand is always a task eventually. Different marketers prefer different strategies, such as email, SMS, and other cold calls, but do you know what is the result of them?

Yes, you got it right, calls get unanswered after one or two times, SMSs are ignored, Emails are sent to spam. It is harsh to speak about it, but trust me this is the fact, which most of us do. 

This gives a clear indication that your users don’t prefer to get bombarded with unnecessary information that disturbs their peace of mind. Then what is the right approach to address this issue?

Well, you can simply utilize chatbots within your system that captures, analyzes data, and sends personalized notifications through different means, which don’t irk your customers and make them fall in love with your offered services.

Final takeaway

Marketing and sales have evolved over a period of time, and there is no one-size-fits-for-all formula, as every business has different demands and requirements. However, with the chatbot integration, you can win the obstacle of earning the trust of your customers and bring them ease through which they can interact with your brand round the clock. 

If your plan is to reach a new audience-base and tailor your existing marketing efforts, then you must not delay it anymore and implement new marketing strategies with the Chatbot.

Stay uber cool with the latest marketing advancement that is none other than chatbot app development!

Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith
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