React native app development: know about modern features, client requirements, and usability issues

The past few years have witnessed impeccable transformations within the world of mobile app development. Especially, there has been a significant impact on the applications developed with React Native. The same development environment has made it easier for both clients and developers to build the best cross-platform mobile applications to enjoy.

At the same time, all these changes have brought in new ideas and areas for improvements that make these applications more user-friendly. There has also been a significant performance rise with these applications.

Progressing times have also shown the world the importance of cross-platform mobile application development and how it is an excellent alternative to fully native developed mobile applications.

Cross-platform mobile application development opens the world of possibilities. Firstly, it reduces a notable amount of investment cost required in the development process. Secondly, there are tons of other features associated with cross-platform app development, which we are going to discuss later in this article.

Hire React Native app developer today for your project to experience the new change in the world of cross-platform mobile app development and to witness the incredible power of such applications.

Top react native features and updates:

Machine learning attributes:

An application is termed great when it can perform a few functions on its own. Hence, machine learning steps here to level up the game of the application. Incorporating machine learning attributes helps the app development process and lets the app stand out from the rest and also provides users with great ease of use.

Build augmented reality apps with react native:

Developers these days take great care of their application, and build them keeping virtual and augmented reality concepts in mind. Augmented reality rose to mass prominence when Apple finally delivered its ARKit with the iOS update. Users soon loved everything about it and wanted more and more applications that could turn themselves into their respective emoji, and the same then could be used over several places, including most of the social media platforms. React Native has all the necessary libraries to develop applications for VR and AR. Hire React Native app developer who is professional enough to deliver you the same.

Social media integrations:

Another exciting feature of a smart application is that it should have the ability to capture user data from Social Media platforms. Hence, social media integration is a must in line to achieve that. None of us wants to create a new account on the different portal we visit every day, and we simply tend to sign with our social media handles. Thus social media integration is a must in React Node app development.

Bigger ecosystem integration:

As you all know that our smartphones are just a small part of the bigger ecosystem in the world of the internet, integration with the bigger ecosystems is mandatory.

Touch screen features:

Most of our smartphones are touch screen enabled. Hence, developers should develop applications keeping this in their minds. Applications thus need to be touch skin-friendly as well. Hire React Native developer who understands the importance of the same and implements it in the project.

Simple designs, stunning performance:

The primary step of any app development procedure is to design a user interface that works. Great navigation of the application plays another crucial part in the development process. However, with complex designing enters the real development skills into actions. Hence, developers must have sound knowledge so that they come up with flawless designs every time they develop. Besides that, React Native can come in as a handy tool as this way of development allows the developer to unleash his very best in creating the best of applications.

Search feature is a must:

Today’s applications demand a search feature as every business or eCommerce site you land at you find it quite difficult to navigate into the right place. Hence, it is essential to integrate an advanced search feature in the applications developer build.

This results in a huge impact as it gets seemingly easier for the users to navigate themselves quickly within the vast database of content the app has. Also, relevant content can be filtered with the help of keywords and phrases, and the same makes the search a must-have for all the applications. Hire React Native developer who understands the significance of search and uses it for your project.

Cross-platform is the key:

Android and iOS have become so popular in today’s world of tech that almost every second guy knows about them. However, what is more, important than just knowing is to have sufficient knowledge of cross-platform concepts. Cross-platform allows a user to use the same application with all the saved data in them across two different mobile operating systems. React Native app development provides developers with all the necessary tools to create cross-platform applications. As the feature is fundamental, it gets very hard to skip the same.

React native app development: fulfilling the top 5 client requirements:

Now that we have discussed some of the top five essential features of development with React Native, it is time for us to throw sufficient light into the top five client requirements in React native app development. Always Hire React Native developer to get the best results.

Simple design and great responsiveness:

The mobile app development sector is now a matter of sensible aesthetic practice where the proper utilization of available space is considered as an art form. Regardless of the complexity, the application comes with it; the user experience design can change everything. The design of an application is expected to be straightforward yet appealing in many instances. Nothing should look clumsy within the application. One huge advantage of developing applications with React Node is that it creates simplistic applications that are designed for perfection.  Similarly, clients look forward to applications that provide them almost similar characteristics.

Security you can rely on:

Next in line to fall in the list of client requirements is to have an application that is secure with user data. The application must have complete compliance according to the GDPR standards and should also offer robust security to the user data.

There are a lot of other compliance measures for data security as well. Also, according to the more recent IoT protocols, every application should have the highest order of security and measures to prevent user data from getting mishandled. Clients also want applications to come with robust security as when they deploy them for commercial use, no user should raise a complaint that the app is jeopardizing their security. Hire React Native developer who understands the importance of user-data security and craft the application according to that.

Applications to have offline support:

Another essential client requirement for apps built on React Native is that the applications should have the ability to run even when the device is not connected to the internet. Also, the problem should be so addressed that data security becomes a prime concern, and any development happening around it must go similar changes if necessary for the protection of user data. The term offline support mainly intensifies that the app must be able to process some work even when there is no working internet connection. Provisions should be such that whenever the device is connected to the internet, and the app goes online, the files saved locally must get transferred to the cloud.

Cross-platform coverage:

The next vital thing that client looks from a React Native application is that it must provide cross-platform support across the two most popular smartphone operating systems. Not only applications developed should run on both the platforms, but the development environment used should also have cross-platform support built-in them. This ensures that developers get to swap codes quickly and test them simultaneously in a platform that offers the best of both worlds. It is also a great cost-effective solution where clients get to have their dream apps for both platforms.

Make your app with GDPR compliance:

In the world of app development, the term general data protection regulation is nothing new. The regulation governs the protection of user’s personal data for all the European residents legally. Therefore, every application that requires the storage of user data must have complete compliance with the GDPR standards. Most of the apps developed on React Native follows this protocol. Also, while you hire React Native developer for your project, make sure that he follows the same according to industry standards.

Now that we have discussed the top features of an application and some of the client requirements surrounding an application, let us discuss some of the usability issues that can be avoided during the development process.

Don’t include too many steps:

No one likes to sign them up for an application after completing several steps. Thus, developers should not include too many steps both in the case of app registration and setting it up. Applications are appreciated when they are short and clutter-free. Also, extra brownie points when there aren’t too many steps involved to get started with the app.

Don’t go with same design for different operating systems:

If your application does support cross-platform, then it is always good to go with different designs for the different platforms. Hire React Native developer who has a great sense in design and will give different designs for the different OS.

Don’t fail to address resolution issues:

Never fail to resolve an issue that has been earlier reported. Issues may arise in different categories, yet developers should quickly resolve them before the application is re-uploaded again for further use.

Avoid poor and unclear navigation:

Navigation is the next important aspect behind great mobile app development. You want your app to rank among the hundreds out there, provide it with easy navigation, and let it do all the wonders for you. Navigation is something that makes the audience stay engaged with the application for long times. Hence, navigation should be top-notch.

Implement landscape modes:

To create a perfect application, support to both landscape and portrait mode is mandatory. It is then on the users to decide on how to use the application.

Try to have an auto-fill feature: 

An auto-fill feature enhances the overall usability of the application by a fair margin. Hence, developers should incorporate auto-fill elements wherever there are text boxes.

Scrolling to be kept under limit:

Applications should never bore users with perpetual scrolling unless there comes something new with each scroll.

Wrapping up:

As you came across the entire blog post, I am pretty sure that now you are familiar with all the client requirements, mobile usability issues, and other things regarding React Native app development. Always remember that cross-platform has to be an essential part of such kind of app developments.


Chandresh Patel
Chandresh Patel
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