Does paid traffic help in SEO and increase website ranking?

Are you confused between a paid search and an organic search? What if we help you understand that these are interrelated? Don’t worry; we would not confuse you more on the terms and differences between the two. Rather, we shall help you to understand how you can make use of your paid search and bring more organic traffic through the search. As per the Google explanation, simply buying or spending on Google Ads will not help you change the current position of your SEO rankings on the search engines of Google.

You cannot blindly rely only on Google Ads to boost your audience numbers and business opportunities. It is true, that Google advertisements do help you to improve your organic search rankings. It is because there are tools that structure your ads’ display in a manner that it reaches the right audience and changes the behavior of the audience.

It is always an interlink game. If your search ranking goes up, you are likely to get more clicks on your ads and site. There are hundreds of other factors that affect the placing and position of your website on search engines. For instance, the content, quality, presentation, type of business, and speed of your page may also affect your search engine ranks.

How do Ads/paid searches change the behavior of people?

By using ads management, you are changing the behavior of the audience. Even if they don’t click the ad, you are generating a brand recall value and they remember the brand the next time the ad is seen. It is quite possible that they will click this time and watch your ad. In simple terms, by seeing an ad you are making your audience or visitors get familiar with your brand.

The click and view behaviour of people changes after seeing the ad floating on their social platforms for a couple of days. This can help you come up in your organic listings. Indirectly, yes Google Ads can change the behaviour of people and help your site get organic traffic.

How to make use of paid search to increase organic traffic?

It is the click-behavior that does it all. Click behaviour can be utilized in the most effective way to generate more organic traffic to your website. Instead of hiring an expensive tech-savvy guy who only focuses on re-indexing your pages and constantly changing the SEO strategy, click strategy can work sooner with the help of good content.

All you need to focus is at title tags and Meta descriptions. Once you make these two as you do for your ad your page listings will automatically rise and gain good traffic through the search results too.

As per the sources and researches, your CTR can increase by 36% just by putting the correct and longer Meta description. As a result, you will be able to face your competitors with much ease and comfort. Most marketing agencies and SEO companies will forget to do this task for you. In fact, 63% of the companies if you see lack of Meta descriptions, which is good news for you!

We suggest you to start testing your web pages with the title tags and Meta descriptions. Split your ads and run those ads just to test until you get the results you expect.

How effective is organic traffic in search engine optimization?

Organic traffic is widely considered to the most critical for any site’s search engine rankings. It has various reasons to prove you and some are mentioned hereunder for your reference;

  1. Google being the most reliable source of people helps divert the organic traffic to the site and carries the highest level of traffic on its search engine.
  2. Google considers high-quality content and correct keyword-based content in the top five results of rankings. Their rankings being highly trusted help the businesses to be seen top online.
  3. Moving to the top in the Google ranking pages may seem difficult in the initial stages, but is certainly not impossible to accomplish. Once you reach the top, you will enjoy the benefits for a long time.
  4. The first page of Google can help you receive 92% of traffic from the Google search engine itself. The traffic usually drops on the second page drastically as people rely majorly on the first page while searching for any data or information.

Initially, reaching on Google’s search engine wasn’t really that difficult until SEO became a critical thing in the online world. The competition was so low that writing a few articles helped you to reach on the top. There was no need of any keyword search, SEO tool, Meta tags, or anything similar. However, with the current situation, things have changed to a great extent.

It is due to the increase in demand of online business; the competition became stricter and smarter. Thus, Google has to change the strategies too in order to bring the deserving and more ethical pages on top. Today, every business or service has a website. The digital visiting card (most known as a website) explains the reliability of a company and helps win the trust of customers. With the help of SEO and organic reach, Google has cut down most Black Hat sites that were killing the pages with good content and preventing them from reaching the Search rankings.

Now since, organic search becomes more common and competition, Paid search is also going hand in hand for those who wish to save time and effort. Rather than SEO helping you to test your patience, people mostly rely on a paid search today so that you are ranked immediately on Google. It all depends on how much budget and patience level you have. You may choose either of these depending on the urgency of your business.

Whatever you choose, you have to be tactful and smarter. You will get tons of targeted traffic on your landing page if you make the right moves. So understand each and every tool before you begin.

Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh, the founder of SEO Melbourne Guy Has over 5 years of experience in digital marketing and public relations. His primary focus is to drive organic traffic and increase online business.
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