Hollywood district attorney reviews evidence against Harvey Weinstein

Los Angeles prosecutors have revealed that they are currently reviewing two cases concerning the now disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

The police department in Beverly Hills has passed on the final results of its investigations to the district attorney of the Los Angeles County. The district attorney will have the final say on whether this is enough evidence to justify criminal charges against Weinstein.

In October last year the Beverly Hills detectives confirmed that they had begun investigation on multiple complaints made against Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood director James Toback.

Police departments in New York, Los Angeles and London had already been carrying out investigations on the allegations against Weinstein.

A task force established by Jackie Lacey, the district attorney, is reviewing the cases in order to resolve the Hollywood scandal that has dominated entertainment media for the last few months. Some of the allegations against Weinstein are said to have taken place at hotels across Beverly Hills.

The district attorney failed to confirm the exact investigations that were being reviewed and what cases they related to. He also did not mention when any kind of decision is expected to be made.

Weinstein has categorically denied all allegations against him regarding sexual misconduct. These include claims that he has raped several women during his career and that the Hollywood industry protected him.

Weinstein is reported to have been attending therapy since the controversy began last year.

Multiple women have come out against Weinstein with claims of incidents dating back several decades. An investigative piece by the New York Times started the saga by featuring numerous allegations of sexual misconduct perpetrated by Weinstein.

These initial allegations sparked the #MeToo movement which has begun to change the landscape of the entertainment industry. Many women have come forward with similar allegations against other Hollywood personalities such as Kevin Spacey.

Senator Al Franken also resigned his position after pressure following allegations of sexual misconduct by him at a party.

Hollywood star Matt Damon weighed in on the issue and attempted to explain that there was a spectrum of severity regarding different cases of sexual misconduct. He received backlash for his comments by ex-partner Minnie Driver.

Since the scandal began, Weinstein has become an infamous figure in the entertainment industry, serving as an example of Hollywood’s secret culture of manipulating female talent with promises of fame.

Weinstein was sacked by the company he himself founded and was expelled by the Oscar’s Academy. The district attorney’s decision will determine if Weinstein’s downfall finally results in criminal charges.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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