Matt Damon discusses sexual misconduct in Hollywood

In a recent interview with the media, Matt Damon expressed his pride in the current trend of victims of sexual misconduct coming forward to make their accusations. Matt Damon also qualified his statements by saying that not all cases of misconduct need be viewed in the same way.

Damon stated that he thinks it is “wonderful” that so many women are confident enough to come forward with their complaints and that the process was “totally necessary”. He pointed out that he believes there is a “spectrum of behaviour” to consider when evaluating each case.

Damon stated that people should consider there being a difference between “patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation”.  He said that both of these crimes deserve to be discouraged and “eradicated” but not “conflated”.

To illustrate his point, Damon brought up Senator Al Franken who has recently announced his resignation from duty following sexual misconduct allegations against him. Franken’s scandal came to light after a photo surfaced of him groping a news broadcaster in 2006.

Damon compared the case of Al Franken to that of much cited Harvey Weinstein, who’s case has been considered the catalyst for the new phase of sexual misconduct allegations as he was accused of sexual assault and rape by several different women.

Damon pointed out that he thought while both cases were serious; there was a big difference regardless. He said that the case of Al Franken was that of a senator doing something highly inappropriate and was probably reflected on as a regrettable mistake afterwards.

Damon stated that Harvey Weinstein’s allegations were far more sinister because it wasn’t a one-time accident or lapse in judgement; it was a serious of abuses that were deliberately covered up.

Damon said this clear difference between the cases means that they should not be put in the “same category” despite them both being related to sexual misconduct.

Damon, as he had stated in previous media interviews, claimed he had absolutely no knowledge of what Weinstein had been up to over the years. He said he knew that Weinstein was a troubled man with toxic behaviour, but not that he was an active rapist.

Mr Damon also brought up other recent cases of celebrity sexual misconduct like that of Louis CK and Kevin Spacey. He appeared to show appreciation for Louis CK’s honesty in admitting his behaviour publicly.

Damon ended his discussion by pointing out that he was afraid that it was too easy for men to simply deny the allegations against them and get away with it. He alluded to the fact that current President Donald Trump denied the allegations of multiple women against him and continues to be President.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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