Key trends transforming enterprise mobile app development

With the increasing influence of mobile devices, it has become imperative for businesses to build mobile applications. Therefore, enterprise mobile app development is getting deep focus nowadays. Mobile apps have turned out to be a staple for enterprises which can go forward by choosing the right app development company. These companies can provide their clients with the best solutions by utilizing the latest trends in the app development.

Whether you opt for Android, iOS or hybrid app development, there are many trends that have revolutionized the way applications are built. Presently, there are several awe-inspiring trends prevailing in the app development field that are not going anywhere soon. In this post, we are going to discuss some of those trends and how mobile app development company can take advantage of these trends to build exclusive solutions for their clients.

Cloud services

With cloud services, app development companies can develop cloud-based applications. Such apps reduce operation costs and boost company’s growth. It also helps the mobile users save space and store their data in the cloud. It is a secure and reliable way to build robust applications.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is the super set of deep learning and machine learning. With this technology, machines can show intelligence like humans and they mimic the cognitive functions that humans associate with their minds such as problem solving and learning. It is a revolutionary technology that is being used widely for creating varied smart solutions. By integrating this technology into enterprise apps, companies can build more personalized solutions.

AR/VR technology

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the two new fronts of technology which provide opportunity to build smart mobile applications. An app development company can work with clients to identify the specific needs of customers and employees to implement appropriate AR/VR solutions. An enterprise might be interested in streamlining the training process or provide access to customers to special deals.

Real-time data sharing

Enterprises, as part of their business, often collect a huge amount of data in short time which is utilized for different purposes. Enterprises are needed to share that information in real-time, which enables the employees to instant access to the required information. It improves the job performance of employees and enable employees to meet their goals. A new developed app for enterprises should also be compatible with other apps that the enterprise utilize.

Prioritizing user experience

A successful mobile application boasts a captivating user experience. A convenient and satisfying user experience makes a lasting impression and builds trust among the users. Successful enterprises invest proper time and money in enhancing their app’s user experience to provide better services to their customers and get continued success.

Key trends in 2019 transforming enterprise mobile app development
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Blockchain technology

Under this technology, a record is maintained for transactions of digital data, which is connected through a chain. This is a secure technology for recording data transactions. The data transacted is secured with string encryption method as it uses to encrypt and decrypt the data while transacting. It improves the authentication of applications.

Internet of Things

IoT or Internet of Things is becoming an important ingredient for developing various solutions including mobile apps. Developers across different industries are creating IoT-enabled mobile apps, which solve various real-life problems and provide new opportunities. For instance, a manufacturer might get an IoT app developed which can be given to workers, the app can connect with sensors and determine when any part is going to fail. It improves safety at workplace, reduces expenses and saves time.

Cross-platform solutions

For launching a mobile application, a company may decide to deploy Android app before iOS application or vice versa. Though it is in the interest of the users to develop application for each operating system, it’s not the right solution. The smartest companies reap the benefits from cross-platform tools to build hybrid mobile applications that are platform-independent.

Wearable technology

The use of wearable devices are taking the world and there various applications that are are targeted to these wearable gadgets. There are many enterprises who have jumped onto this technology front by permitting their employees to use wearable technology for their work like processing data. In that situation, companies are also responsible for appropriate measures for data safety.

Final words!

Top companies always look into the future to embrace new trends that hit the market. And, such companies which take time to adapt themselves according to the prevailing trends will go ahead and beat the competitors. The companies, those resist or ignore the change become obsolete in the years to come. As a business owner, you should make no mistakes and equip yourself with the latest trends in the industry that would take your business to the next level. The technologies are changing rapidly, by aligning your business activities with the advancements in technology add an another feat to your business. You can make an optimal use of technology and trends to reap higher returns on investment.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy
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