Designer bathing suits for different body types

Most women around the world struggle with getting bathing suits that match their bodies. A bathing suit can catch your eye. However, it does not necessarily mean it goes well with you.

Without enough research on what suits you, you get frustrated because of the uncomfortable and unappealing options available on the market. If you struggle with such uncertainties, this article is for you.

We are discussing designer bathing suits that have a more comfortable appeal for various types of body shapes. Since you don’t want to miss out on this information, you can browse through the following information.

Types of designer bathing suits for various body shapes

Tummy control

You have probably come across a lady saying that they are waiting for their bikini body to go out swimming. ‘Bikini body’ in this case is when they put out some weight to fit in their designer bathing suits.

The good news is, bathing suits are evolving and that they are designed to accommodate all your tummy weight beautifully. Get yourself a two-piece color-blocking bathing suit that creates a flattering frame while remaining stylish.

Here, you can use swimwear with a distinctive neckline that will draw attention away from the tummy. Darker colors around the tummy area minimize the volume, making one look less bulky.


Women with pear-shaped figures have wider hips and narrower upper bodies. The right bathing suit for this type of body is designed to create balance.

Here, it is best to go for a dark-colored, high-waisted bikini that covers the bottom. To balance it out, use a striped, bold-printed, or contrasting colored top.

StraightBody types for designer bathing suits

Straight body type is characterized by an equal size of the bust and hips with a slightly smaller waist. Since you want to create faux curves, a two-piece bathing suit containing ruffles that cross the chest help to bring out curves and a fuller bust.


This body type is characterized by an equal size bust and hips with a more defined waist to form the shape of an hourglass. Women with this type of body are lucky because they can rock any style of bathing suit.

However, one-piece bathing suits featuring cutout sides are ideal for this type of body. Additionally, bold-printed and colorful bikinis help to bring out the curves.

Inverted triangle

Here, the bust is usually huge with narrow hips and a less-defined waist. The perfect designer bathing suit should help reduce the bust while shining the light on the waist and hips. This means that a high-waisted bottom with a one-piece narrowing bandeau top will suffice.


This type is characterized by a large bust followed by an even larger waist with narrower hips compared to the shoulders.

Here, you are to minimize the waist to balance the bust and hips. You can disguise the waistline using ruffles, necklines, curvy silhouette patterns, and peplum details. By focusing on the top, you can create an hourglass look for your body.

Pregnant and postpartum

When pregnant, all you need is the comfort that comes with a bathing suit. And once you deliver, easy nursing accessibility becomes one major priority. Luckily, there are designer bathing suits for such cases.

Bathing suits with a wrap-style design are ideal in this situation. You can add more style to avoid drawing much attention to your belly.

Top hourglassDesigner bathing suits model

This body type has a larger bust compared to the hips and a well-defined waist. While you can use a two-piece and still look good, a supportive bandeau top goes well with the large bust.

Also, you can go for flirty bottoms featuring tassels, ruffles, or brightly patterned to minimize attention on the bust.


While you can part with a large sum of money when acquiring designer bathing suits, getting the right size for your body goes a long way. This will not only make you look good at the beach but also build your confidence.

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