Gone for so long without a good thong? Here is our best thong swimsuit bottoms on offer

When you go to the beach, having a swimsuit that fits your body, you can be sure that you will feel relaxed knowing you have an ensemble perfect for the summer weather. One of the leading swimwear brands, Myra Swim provides an impressive selection of thong swimsuit bottoms to choose from.

The creator made the brand in mind with the thought that she wanted her customers to feel confident and sexy with a unique swim look. The brand provides a unique mixture of 90’s nostalgia and modern minimalism, taking all the good parts of fashion into its beachwear.

These thong swimsuit bottoms all provide an abundance of sizes, fits, and shades to be able perfect for any woman. In this piece, we have uncovered the best thong swimsuit bottoms provided at Myra Swim.

Here are the best-selling items we have in the thong swimsuit bottoms section.

Best thong swimsuit bottoms on offer


Our Jocelyn thong swimsuit bottoms are able to provide garments perfect for making sure your beachwear is ace quality. This swimwear is great as you can adjust it based on your size, being able to fit women of all different shapes and sizes.

These products come in a variety of colours, including black, brown, grey, yellow, and other colours based on your needs. You have a variety of options to chose from, such as a mid-rise or high-rise, and the coverage on both sides based on your needs. These beachwear products are best suited with The Sofia Top.

IvanaSwimsuit thong bottoms on a woman in a pool.

The Ivana thong swimsuit bottoms are styled to be a low-mid-rise. This swimwear can be worn either on top or right on the hip. It is recommended to wear the outfit with The Ford Top. Its gentle nylon and spandex blend allows you to not only be sexy but look comfortable too.


Hana thong swimsuit bottoms have adjustable side ties on both hips, giving you the freedom to choose how to style the ensemble. It is the best option for tanning as it has a V triangle coverage on the backside.

You normally are found pairing this item with The Vera Top. As it has a hard-ware-free material and simple finish, this is the perfect ensemble to strut your stuff along the beach. It includes a comfortable mixture of nylon and spandex, perfect for the beach.

HugoThong swimsuit bottoms on a woman on a pool floatie.

The Hugo thong swimsuit bottoms are perfect to highlight an flatter your shape. As it has a thick waistband, high waist and leg cut, this shows of your figure, embracing your sexiness.

This thong swimsuit bottoms emphasize the allure of your thigh and waist, highlighting your voluptuous body. The Veneta top is perfect with these bottoms.


You can’t go “thong” with the Finn thong swimsuit bottoms. This item includes a long side tie that is suited to your fit. Suppose you’re looking for temperament coverage in the front and a slight coverage in the back, perfect for the beach.

This product can be found in multiple shades such as brown, black, tan, and yellow, based on your interest.

There is a range of options to pick in our thong swimsuit bottoms at Myra Swim. You can feel like the sea goddess that you are by trying out one of these many ensembles. They cater to a variety of styles, shades, shapes suited for your figure.

With their high-waist, gentle fabric, and minimal coverage, you can feel at peace and sensual altogether. By adding it to a bikini top, and you will have the best look for the beach. This is the best swimwear bottom selection on offer.

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