China: bus plunged in massive sinkhole, at least 6 dead

A massive sinkhole swallowed a bus whole in China resulting in the death of at least six people and left 16 others injured.

The bus in question stopped by a road in northwestern China to pick up passengers before the sinkhole occurred. This instance is only one of the recent string of road collapses throughout the country.

The public vehicle stopped in front of a medical center in the city of Xining in Qinghai province. As passengers boarded the bus, a gaping sinkhole opened up underneath it according to The Guardian. A surveillance video caught the entire incident showing the collapse. The bus along with people in line and a lamppost was plunged into the depths of the sinkhole. Meanwhile, others fled to save their lives. See the unsettling event unfold in the CCTV footage below:

One young man managed to save a baby from the sinkhole’s perimeter. He brought the baby to safety before returning with several others to aid a woman hanging on the edge. As the group attempt to pull her up, the road collapsed underneath their feet once again.

Seconds after the second collapse, an explosion occurred within the sinkhole shooting out a fireball above. It was followed by thick smoke and a few minor explosions. Six bodies were retrieved from the site while the 16 injured people are under medical care according to the Xining municipal government’s statement in a news conference. 10 more people are reported missing from the incident.

Authorities estimate that the sinkhole covers around 80 square meters of the site.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
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