Finding Peace Amongst the Chaos: Chairman Man Hee Lee Pioneers the Work of Global Peace

JUNE 13, 2021 – Korean Man Hee Lee, chairman to HWPL, founded the UN-affiliated peace NGO in an effort to promote peace activities all across the globe. As a former Korean war veteran himself, Chairman Lee has inspired many peace agreements, including one in Mindanao, Philippines, where decades old war was brought to an end. While the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged many governments and left their populations desolate, HWPL is continuing to bring aid and hold meetings of peace to encourage harmony and unity in impacted communities.

HWPL, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, is acknowledged world-wide as an organization driven by their desire to see global peace as a reality in this generation. Through their innovative tactics and organized execution of these peace activities, HWPL has received international recognition, and the following records detail their peaceful efforts.

1. Peace Institute

Founded as an education and training facility, the Peace Institute is capable of accommodating 30 people while the outside space can host dining for 100 people. On the first floor, there are multiple rooms and a small ship, while the second floor consists of a lounge and a dining area. Lastly, the third floor holds additional meeting rooms and a multipurpose hall. Hosting 10-20 events per year, this peace establishment is a venue for guests from Korea and internationally. One of its more notable functions is the HWPL World Peace Summit, a peace conference, that is held annually to encourage and honor the work of peace across many different nations. One of its many international attendees helped to nickname the institute the “Peace Palace” as it has gained special consultative status at the UN ECOSOC and registered as a UN DGC-associated NGO.

2. A Collection of Peace 

The halls of the Peace Palace contain a high number of awards, acknowledgments, and rare gifts from countless countries and high-profile figures, like presidents, senators, prime ministers. These gifts were amassed as Chairman Man Hee Lee went on 31 global tours with HWPL to meet various heads of state, formers presidents, civil rights leaders, youth NGOs, and women organizations to help facilitate the development of the work of peace across all continents. A showcase of peace gifts stretch far across the wall, a symbol of unity and peace that transcends differences in ethnicities and beliefs. 

“World peace” seemed like a fantasy, an impossible dream, however by the hard working efforts of the HWPL, many leaders now also believe in the possibility of peace through the cessation of all wars. Yet, for Chairman Lee, he says, “The true reward for me is peace”. While he is in his elderly years, Chairman Lee, a peace activist, is paving the way for change. In honor of the peace work, a monument called “The Declaration of Unification Monument and HWPL Peace Monument was erected as a remembrance to the international peace activities occurring around the globe.

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
Samantha is the head of content, lifestyle and entrepreneurial columnist for Best in Australia. She is also a contributor to Forbes and SH. Prior to joining the Best in Au, she was a reporter and business journalist for local newspapers.
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