Brexit is official as EU leaders ink UK’s withdrawal

European Commission and Council leaders Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel have signed that Withdrawal Agreement, making Brexit official since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union back in 2016.

With Brexit finalized, UK will be exiting the EU on January 31. During a transition period that will last until the end of 2020, the UK will continue to abide by the EU’s policies. UK seeks to reach an agreement with the EU regarding futures ties by next year, 2021. After 46 years, Brexit has ended a span of 46 years with UK belonging in the EU club.

Von der Leyen shared the historic news on her official Twitter account where she wrote:

“Charles Michel and I have just signed the Agreement on the Withdrawal of the UK from the EU, opening the way for its ratification by the European Parliament.”

The Withdrawal Agreement was signed in Brussels, Belgium before it was taken to Downing Street by officials from the EU and the UK. There, it is signed by UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson. A copy of the said document will remain in London as the agreement will travel back to Brussels.

The European Parliament will vote in favor of it as a formality next week after the parliament’s constitutional affairs committee supported it on Thursday.

Von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, along with other senior EU officials have doubts about the UK government’s plan to work out a comprehensive agreement on future relations before the end of this year. The leaders have expressed their belief that this timetable won’t be enough.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
Danny is a reporter and news columnist for Best in Australia. He covers world news the latest world news headlines and international news including US News and Europe, Middle East News.
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