Best toys for coordination improvement in kids

When your child was younger, you probably didn’t think much about their hand-eye coordination skills. For the most part, they got along well enough with other kids and with toys, so it didn’t really seem like a problem or an issue worth addressing. Now that your kid is older, though, you notice that some things aren’t as easy for them to do as others—such as eating lunch in the cafeteria or riding their bike without running into things! You can help your children improve their coordination with several toys on the market.

How can kids improve coordination?

Hand-eye coordination is an essential skill for kids to develop. Kids can improve their hand-eye coordination by playing games that involve both hands and eyes, such as jacks, four-square, and hopscotch. They can also play sports like basketball or soccer, which require coordination between the hands and eyes. Kids will also naturally improve their hand-eye coordination when they do activities like colouring books or drawing where they have to use both hands at the same time. Learning these skills early on can help them become more confident and better able to complete complex tasks in the future.

For those with smaller children, it’s never too early to start working on your kid’s hand-eye coordination skills! There are several fun toys and games you can use to help develop these essential skills, so your kid has an easier time with sports, school, and life in general! Let’s talk about some of these toys.

9 Amazing Hand-Eye Coordination Toys to Help Improve Your Kid’s Coordination Skills!

The benefits of improving hand-eye coordination in children can’t be overstated. Kids will have better coordination and dexterity, which can help them in the classroom and in life! That’s why it’s vital to make sure they play with the right toys that not only improve their coordination but that they also enjoy playing with. Here are eight hand-eye coordination toys to help improve your kid’s coordination skills!

1) Stacking cups

Kids love playing with stacking cups. They’re colourful, they stack easily, and they’re not too expensive. Plus, these cups are a great hand-eye coordination toy for kids ages 2 and up. All you have to do is stack the cups on top of each other and then try to take them off without knocking them over. It may seem easy at first, but it actually takes a lot of hand-eye coordination skills because the child has to figure out how many hands they need in order to grab all of the cups without knocking any over. The game gets more difficult as more cups are added into the mix. You can buy new colours or sizes to add variety to this hand-eye coordination activity.

2) Stacking rings

Like stacking cups, these rings are another fantastic hand-eye coordination toy that kids will enjoy playing with. For children ages 3 and older, the goal is to balance one ring on top of another and make sure that they don’t fall down. As your little one improves their hand-eye coordination skills, they can add more rings or make it even harder by trying to balance three rings at once!

Stacking rings
Photo by Amélie Mourichon on Unsplash

3) Lego blocks

Lego blocks are a classic toy, but they’re also a way for kids to develop their hand-eye coordination. Lego is great for developing both fine motor skills and the ability to understand spatial concepts like left, right, up, and down. Plus, there are so many different sets of Lego out there that you’ll never be bored with your building options. The only downside is that Lego can be expensive if you want any of the more elaborate sets. However, if you bargain hunt, you can find them on promotion. Currently, you can get them in the Target catalogue at a 20% discount.

4) Rock rings

Rock Rings are a toy that is meant to be played with in pairs. The players can use the rings in a variety of ways, but the point of the game is for players to toss and catch the rings without dropping them. This toy improves coordination because it requires players to do tasks that require hand-eye coordination, such as tossing and catching or even clapping and catching. Rock Rings come in many different shapes and sizes, making them fun for children of all ages!

5) Spiky ball

The Spiky Ball is a hand-eye coordination toy that helps improve your child’s coordination skills by introducing them to the concept of target practice. The ball makes a popping sound when it hits the ground and has spikes on its surface, so it can be used on any flooring surface without fear of injury. The spiky ball comes in four different colours: red, green, orange, and blue. The Spiky Ball is an affordable option for parents looking for toys for their children with coordination improvement in mind. It’s small enough for your child to take it everywhere, and the bright colours are definitely attractive to them too. It also has no small parts that could pose as choking hazards, making it safe for all ages!

6) Twister ropes

Twister ropes are one of the best toys for hand-eye coordination because they promote bilateral integration and improve proprioception. Twister ropes are a great toy for kids 2-6 years old. The game can help develop a child’s sense of balance and increase their awareness of their body in space. Children will be fascinated by the colours, textures, and different design options available with this toy. Twister ropes can also help teach children how to tell left from right, which is a critical skill that they will need as they grow up. Plus, it is a fun way to get your whole family moving together at the same time in a fast-paced game where everyone is competitive but cooperative at the same time.

Twister Ropes
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7) Peg boards

There are various toys out there that can improve coordination skills in kids, but one classic toy is the peg board. Peg boards typically have 10 holes in which you place pegs, and then you take turns trying to quickly slide them into the right hole. Peg boards come with a lot of other pieces that can be added on, such as ramps and funnels. Playing with this toy will improve your kid’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination skills. It also makes for an excellent rainy day activity or indoor playtime!

8) Lacing and stringing

These toys are all great for hand-eye coordination, and they’re really fun too! Lacing is a really old game that’s been popular for a long time because it helps your kids build up their eye and hand coordination skills by getting them to lace the string through the tiny holes in a piece of fabric. Stringing is a newer game, but just as much fun as lacing. Stringing requires your kid to thread beads onto a thin string that you can also buy separately if you want.

9) Bean bags

Bean bag games are great for developing gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more. The game can be played with two players or in a small group. Players take turns throwing the bean bag into their team’s bucket. If they get it in, they get to keep throwing until someone else gets theirs in. Bean bags are cheap and easy to find at most major retailers (Target also carries them!). You can also make your own by going online and purchasing plain fabric and polyfill stuffing. This is a fun activity for kids that develops hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, vocabulary development, turn-taking skills, maths concepts (addition), and more!

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