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Call a standard Melbourne law firm for legal help, and you’ll get assigned to a lawyer. And then that lawyer will passively represent you, building a case or providing advice or lodging documents. If things get too complex, they’ll refer you to another solicitor.

And that’s fine. If all you want is passive representation, you can find dozens of competent law firms across Melbourne CBD and Dandenong.

But, over the past decade, the Australian legal system has fundamentally changed. Legislation has never been more complex than it is today. There have never been more jurisdictions and government bodies and courts than there are now. Most critically, technology has left existing laws behind – law reform is struggling to keep up with a digitally native society.

That’s why Pentana Stanton Lawyers does more than ‘passively represent’ clients. The firm’s founders, Penny and Jesse LaGreca, understand that, to succeed in a fast-moving legal landscape fraught with complexity, you need a lawyer who does more than just the basics.

You need a lawyer who understands you ­– not just your legal matter. And you need that lawyer to be an advocate, to actively drive towards an ideal long-term outcome.

When you contact Pentana Stanton Lawyers, your initial consultation is designed to help your solicitor understand you, what your long-term goals are, and how they can help you get there. If the lawyer you’re meeting with isn’t the right match for you, they’ll pair you with another solicitor in the firm who can represent your interests in the best possible way. With lawyers fluent in nine different languages – Arabic, Bosnian, Cantonese, Croatian, English, Greek, Serbian, Sinhalese and Spanish – from a variety of different background, Pentana Stanton is a law firm for all Victorians.

Pentana Stanton also has the capabilities to advocate for you across the full spectrum of law. Its solicitors operate in Wills and estates law, personal injury law, and employment law, but focus on three core areas: family law, commercial law, and criminal law.

The firm’s family law department knows that separation is always difficult. That’s why having the right person advocate for you is so important. You need a lawyer who can fight for you and your loved ones in and out of court – even when you’re stressed, exhausted, and unable to think clearly.

Pentana Stanton embraces empathetic, cost-effective advocacy to help you move forwards with your life. When possible, they proactively settle matters through mediation. You stay in control of your case, and your future isn’t decided by the Court.

In commercial conflicts, the firm often takes a similar approach. Conciliation is faster, easier and more affordable than toe-to-toe litigation – although, if the other side isn’t willing to negotiate, Pentana Stanton’s commercial team are experienced at trial in a range of different courts.

Normally, though, Pentana Stanton acts as a holistic business success partner for small and mid-sized business. That means helping you scale and grow through strong compliance, optimal legal structures, and field-tested strategic advice.

If you’re ever charged with a criminal offence, the firm also helps you present your perspective to the Court. There are two sides to every story, and telling yours in the right way will help you achieve the best outcome in criminal matters. Importantly, Pentana Stanton knows the importance of being free to prepare your defence. That’s why they focus heavily on bail applications, with a successful track record in the Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts.

Passive representation isn’t enough anymore. The modern legal landscape demands more. Through empathetic, cost-effective advocacy delivered by the right lawyer, Pentana Stanton Lawyers helps Victorians from all backgrounds navigate the law to get the outcomes they deserve.

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