All about fidget sensory toys 

You may not know this, but fidgeting is our body’s way of releasing excess energy, so when you notice your kids tapping their feet, twirling their hair, or biting their nails, you should know what it means. While fidgeting is a natural occurrence, it can get to the point where it becomes a distraction for your kids and start to disrupt their learning.

Some people regard fidgeting as counterproductive to learning. However, experts believe that fidgeting behaviors can be re-directed into enhancing your child’s learning. How? Fidget sensory toys.

Yep, you read that right. Fidgeting sensory toys can help kids increase focus and attention, help them to listen and remain calm — As such, enhancing your child’s learning. There are different types of fidget sensory toys; some are squeezable stress balls, while others come as bendable or malleable putty sticks.

What are the benefits of fidget sensory toys?

Regardless of the type, design, shape, or size of the fidget sensory toys, the goal is the same — Improve learning and enhance focus and attention. Recent studies show that kids tend to learn better when their hands are active, and funneling excess energy helps them better focus on what they are trying to learn or are being taught.

Enhancing learning process

Interestingly, researchers have also found that movements during learning play a role in enhancing the assimilation rate because the learner is required to use both sides of their brain.

According to flushing hospital, a 10% increase in academic scores was recorded among students who use fidget sensory toys compared to those who don’t use fidget toys. Proving that fidget sensory toys can enhance the learning process in virtually every student — especially those with learning disabilities.

Reduce anxiety

Fidget sensory toys

In addition to enhancing the learning process for all students (including those with learning disabilities), fidget sensory toys can reduce anxiety and stress — and learning disorders such as ADHD.

But that is not all; they ( speaking of fidget sensory toys) also enhance dexterity, Improve coordination and fine motor skills, and even more surprisingly, assist in muscle development in small hands.

Other benefits of getting fidget sensory toys for your kids include stimulating their brain stem to keep them alert, providing fun mental occupation, and increased concentration.

Provide fun mental occupation

Fidget sensory toys come in handy to productively distract and occupy the child’s attention. It boosts their focus and productivity by giving them a fun mental break during learning. That way, it is much easier for them to regain interest and focus afterward.

Having touched on the benefits of fidget sensory toys, let’s shift our focus to the tips and factors to consider while choosing the best fidget sensory toys.

Factors to consider while choosing the best fidget sensory toys 

Top factors to consider while choosing fidget sensory toys include making sure the toy’s texture is right for your child. One way to do that is by carrying them along and letting them decide what they want. Some kids like soft texture, while others prefer something to squeeze, pull, or fiddle.

While you are at it, check with the school management to see if they allow fidget sensory toys and keep close tabs on the toys to ensure they are not distracting the child.

After some time, you can check to see if the fidget sensory toy is yielding results. Check if the child’s focus and concentration are improving; are they asking more questions or putting their hands up more frequently? Are they following instructions more accurately, and are they less disruptive for their classmates?

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