Best Sushi Restaurants in Adelaide

Below is a list of the top and leading Sushi Restaurants in Adelaide. To help you find the best Sushi Restaurants located near you in Adelaide, we put together our own list based on thisrating points list.

Adelaide’s Best Sushi Restaurants:

The top rated Sushi Restaurants in Adelaide are:

  • Sushi Bar Genki
  • Sushi Train
  • Sushi Planet

Sushi Bar Genki

Sushi Bar Genki has been serving the locals and visitors since 1997 with the best sushi and other delicacies and dishes. The restaurant was founded by Chef Shozo Ikeda who came from Himeji City in Japan.

Chef Shozo Ikeda established the restaurant with an idea in mind to make their bar in trains style. They offer lunch specials and take away menu. They have brown and black rice for health-conscious people, they have salads to the most wanted dish, Wagyu.

Sushi Bar Genki was built with the help of Masuya Group of Sydney and because of that, Chef Shozo Ikeda is very thankful to them to make everything happen.


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Address: 163 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: (08) 8211 9848


“I’ve been coming here for twelve years religiously and have to say it’s the best sushi in Adelaide. I wish they also had a sit down to dinner type restaurant somewhere. Love the teriyaki salmon rolls and spider rolls. It’s all amazing. Always consistent and great service.” – Charlene Wills

Sushi Train

Sushi Train is a Japanese Restaurant and Sushi bar offering their excellent and creatively prepared sushi in the “Rotation Sushi Bar System”. This unique style and original concept was brought by Bob Jones, Founder & CEO of Sushi Train Pty Ltd. in Australia. All freshly made sushi is placed on a moving conveyor belt.

In 1993, they established their first restaurant in Surfers Paradise, Queensland. After several years, they have now 49 Sushi Train restaurants all over Australia and 2 restaurants in New Zealand. These restaurants are managed by unique and excellent individuals who continuously strive to be the best.

To ensure that all ingredients are fresh and clean, their supplies are centralized and delivered daily.


Nigiri, Aburi, Sushi Roll, Sashimi, Hand Roll Sushi, Salad Ship


Address: 19 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: (08) 8410 7100


“Great prices and nice selection to choose from. I especially liked the karage chicken ️ ️ ️. Alcohol is available as well. Friendly service and low wait times.” – Brad Westphal

Sushi Planet

Sushi Planet is a modern Japanese restaurant focusing on creating authentic and delicious sushi and yakitori. They also offer a free delivery service.

Sushi Planet serves fresh dishes as they use un-frozen seafood bought daily. Their Chef prepared every dishes thru their enhanced culinary skills to make perfect servings. And for a better taste, the restaurant strongly suggests that every dishes should be eaten as soon as it is served.

Customers can enjoy everything, from the warm and friendly service from the staff, from the exquisite food prepared by the Chef, from the modern style ambience of the restaurant and from the bonding time together with their family and friends.


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Address: 1/60 West Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 1800 787 447


“By far the best sushi place in Adelaide. Always great service, keeping the menu fresh and updated, and great at the staple dishes.” – Noe Llamas

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